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How to Delete Everything Off on iPhone Permanently

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Suerong at
March 17,2015

Before selling your iPhone on eBay, sending it to Apple, or otherwise sharing it, note the following: performing a "Restore" operation on the iPhone does not delete personal data from the device. In fact, mail, contacts, and various other data remain intact on the device after a restore, making the process unsuitable as a preparatory measure for iPhone resale or service.

Secure your privacy data than others can do.Deleting all data from an iPhone is already cumbersome enough, but, believe it or not, all these removed data is still retraceabled (try to delete a message and search it on iPhone, it's still there). The iPhone Data Eraser makes it a permanent deletion in 1-click for users to delete everything on iPhone permanently without restoring. In fact, with an intuitive and familiar interface, it gives you the choices of wiping all types of your personal data piece by piece or cleaning them up all at once.

iPhone Data Eraser and iPhone Data Eraser(Mac), both can help you permanently erase data from iPhone. Afterwards, none of your personal data can be recovered by any recovery software, even with the most advanced recovery tool.What’s more, the iPhone data eraser supports delete contacts, photos, videos, notes and other personal data from iPhone without restoring. In additional,this iOS data eraser works well with iPad and iPod, as well. However, you can erase data from iPad and iPod easily.

delete iphone photo    mac iphone data eraser

Permanently Wipe Everything on iPhone before Selling


Step 1. Run iPhone Data Eraser tool and Connect your iPhone with your computer

Download and install iPhone Data Eraser on your computer,Launch it and connect your computer with your iPhone via the USB cable.If the connection is finished, your iPhone will appear in the software interface, as shown below.

Erase Private Data on your iPhone Permanently

Step 2.Click “Erase All Data”Mode

In the software interface on the left, there are six delete mode, where you need to click ‘Erase All Data’.This deletion mode allow you to wipe all data, like photos,text Messages,contacts, call history,notes, Voice, Safari Bookmarks, and more on your iPhone.

Delete Photos from iPhone before Selling

Step 3.Set Your iPhone as a new one

Deletion process may take you some time, patience, the iPhone need to stay connected with the computer.

To wipe all data on iPhone without restoring,you must to use a third party The iPhone Data Eraser which not only can help you delete photos,videos from iPhone 6s/6/5s/5/4s/4, iPad permanently,but also allows you erase other data on iOS devices,including contacts,  notes, call history, text messages,Apple ID,game records,and so on.

Permanently erase deleted sms on iPhone
Free download the iOS Data Eraser:

delete iphone photo    mac iphone data eraser

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Nowadays, as the development of technology, almost everyone in the world uses many electronic products, such as computer, mobile phone, camera, MP5. Electronic products exist everywhere around us. On one hand, they bring us much convenience and colorful lives. On the other hand, some troubles come from them. People’s privacy becomes easy to be exposed. Most of us, especially celebrities and superstars, are trying their best to protect their privacy from being exposed, because some of their privacy will bring them bad effects, which, to great extent, will do harm to them. If they can erase their personal data for example the text messages leaving on their electronic products, many unnecessary troubles and bad effects could be avoided, and their lives will be much easier.