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3 Ways to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Galaxy S7/ S7 Edge

publinshed by
Christine at
Jan, 28th, 2016

"I am using iPhone 4s before,yesterday I have bought a new Samsung Galaxy S7,now I want to transfer contacts and text messages from my old iPhone 4s to the new Galaxy S7,then I search in Google search to find the free way to copy data between iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S7,but it’s difficult to transfer phone numbers from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy with Smart Switch,I think the procedure is very complex,is there any third-party phone data transfer tool to copy iPhone data (text messages, songs, contacts, photos, etc.) to Galaxy S7? Thank you!"

Last year, Samsung company released the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge, the same,Samsung company will release the latest mobile phone -Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge this year, some mobile phone users will buy a new Galaxy S7, instead of using ios iPhone.If you are the one who are tired of the iOS devices and want to change a new android phone, the Samsung Galaxy S7(edge) is a very good choice.When you have bought a new Galaxy S7,the first thing you want to do is transferring everything from old iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S7,some mobile phone users may ask how to transfer contacts from iPhone to Galaxy S7? How to copy SMS,iMessages from iPhone 5 to Galaxy S7?....This is a common question to transfer data between iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S7/S6/S5/S4. Today,we share two easy ways for you to copy data from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 edge directly.

Transfer Contacts,SMS and other data from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S7

     Method 1: Sync iPhone Contacts to Samsung Galaxy S7 (edge) only 1 click

     Method 2: Transfer Contacts to Samsung Galaxy S7 from iPhone Backups

     Method 3: Sync Contacts from iPhone to Galaxy S7/S7 Edge with Samsung Smart Switch


Method 1: Sync iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 edge Directly

To transfer everything from iPhone to new Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 edge directly just one click,you can use a third-party iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S7 Transfer tool - Phone to Phone Transfer, which allows you transfer contacts, text messages, videos, photos, videos, call logs, music, apps,ect from iPhone to Galaxy S7/S7 edge without data loss,it’s easy to used for new mobile phone users without any professional skills. What’s more,the iPhone to Android Transfer can help you backup and restore Samsung Galaxy S7 on computer,for the other words,you can back up contacts, messages, photos, videos and other files from Galaxy S7 to computer,then restore them back to your Galaxy S7 if you need.

Download and install the Phone to Phone Transfer to the computer or Macbook and then transfer data between iPhone and Samsung Galaxy.

Download Phone Transfer for Win Download Phone Transfer for Mac

Tips: Phone Transfer works well with most Samsung and Apple devices, including Galaxy S8/S7/S6/S5/S4, Galaxy Note 8/5/4/3, Galaxy A9/A8/A7/A5 and iPhone 7/6s/6/5/5c/4s/4, etc.

Tips: If you have got a new iPhone 7,iPhone 7 plus,you can also follow the similar steps to copy contacts from Samsung to iPhone 7 directly.

Key Features:

How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Galaxy S7/S7 Edge

Note: Before getting started, you should Install iTunes to your computer to guarantee that Phone to Phone Transfer program works perfectly.

Step 1. Download and Run the Phone Transfer
When you run the program on computer,you can see the Phone Transfer provides you four modes: “Phone to Phone Transfer”, “Restore from Backups”, “Backup Your Phone” and “Erase Your old Phone”.To transfer data from between two phones,please select the blue one, "Phone to Phone transfer"options.

connect iphone and galaxy s7 to pc

Step 2. Connect iPhone and Samsung Galaxy to Computer with with two USB cables
In this step,please connect your iPhone and Galaxy S7 to computer by two cables,when the two phones are detected connecting successfully by the program,you can see the status like the second screenshot as below.

move iPhone data to Samsung Galaxy S7

Select the type of files you want to transfer

transfer data from iPhone to galaxy s7

Tips: If you don't have two cables, you can follow the second method to transfer data to new Galaxy S7 from backups.

1) The button "Flip" can be used if you'd like to transfer things from Samsung to iPhone.
2) Data erasure before copying is also available by checking the box in the lower right corner.

Step 3. Scan the Data Stored on iPhone
Then click the “Start” button to let the program to begin detecting and scanning the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S7. During this process,It will take you some time, please be patient,when scan finishing,all the contents will be discovered and display the total number beside each item on the center,scan results including contacts, text messages, photos, videos, music,ect.

Step 4. Begin to Transfer Data from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S7
It is your turn to decide which files should be transferred and then press on the “Start copy” button to start copying all of your data stored on iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 edge,in the data transmission process, please keep the phone connected to the computer

iPhone to Galaxy S7 Transfer

When the process bar reaches the end, press "OK" to finish the process.

Download Phone Transfer for Win Download Phone Transfer for Mac

The second method teach you how to backup iPhone data and how to extract/restore the backups to Samsung Galaxy with Phone Transfer.



Method 2: Transfer Contacts to Samsung Galaxy S7 from iPhone Backups

Step 1.Backup Data from iPhone to Computer
First of all,please run the Phone Transfer program on your computer,then choose "Back Up Your Phone" - light blue area. And then connect your iPhone to the computer by a USB cable. After it appears on the left side as a "Source", the Phone Transfer program will scan the data stored on your iPhone automatically,just click "Start Copy" button to back up all contents from iPhone and save on computer.

backup iphone data to pc

Read More: How to backup iPhone data to computer

Step 2.Extract and Transfer Contents to Samsung Galaxy S7 from iPhone Backups
Go back to the main interface and select "Restore From Backups" - green area. You will see this. Press the triangle to show the backup list. Tick the one that you have just done on the left and the file types in the middle,and click on "Start Copy" to extract iPhone backups and transfer iPhone data to Galaxy S7.

Tips: Keep the phone connected through the entire process.

Method 3: Switch from iPhone to Galaxy S7 / S7 Edge with Smart Switch


How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Galaxy S7 with iTunes

Step 1: Connect iPhone to the computer via USB cable. Create backup files with iTunes.
Step 2: Download and install Samsung Smart Switch™, it is free on computer. After that, launch the program.
Step 3: On the opened app, check the data as you want to transfer from iPhone to the Samsung phone and then press on the button of “Start Transfer”.
Step 1: Download,install and run the iTunes and Samsung Smart Switch™ on computer
Step 2: Connect iPhone to the computer and create backup files(contacts) with iTunes
Step 3: Use Smart Switch to transfer the iPhone backups to Galaxy S7 by click“Start Transfer”options on computer.


How to Transfer iPhone Contacts to Galaxy S7 with iCloud

Step 1: Sync contacts to your iCloud account on iPhone
Step 2: Run the Samsung Smart Switch™ on computer,you can free download on Google Play.
Step 3: Choose the tab of Import from iCloud. Enter the password to log in Apple account and start to transfer iPhone contacts to Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge.

Disadvantage: However, this method is not that secure in terms of high standards as the data may be lost,although this is a free program,but it’s difficult to transfer data between iPhone and android phone,in additional,it only allows you transfer contacts between two phones.If you want to find a efficient method to transfer contacts, sms, photos, videos, call logs and more between iPhone and Samsung Galaxy,please follow the first and the second methods,the Phone to Phone Transfer can help you transfer everything between iPhone, Android, Nokia and Blackberry only one click without data loss,this useful program is worth for you own one.

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