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How to Transfer Music from iPhone 4S to Mac Computer?

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sophia L yad at
March 10,2015

  2013-04-29 19:32:21/ Posted by CtArs to How to transfer iPhone

Are you a Mac user need to transfer video and music from iPhone to iTunes or Mac computer? To backup music and video from  iPhone to Mac or to iTunes, next this way teach you how to backup iPhone music to Mac or iTunes with iPhone-to-Mac-transfer.

Backup Music from iPhone 4S to Mac Computer or iTunes

The editor are highly recommended one iPhone-Mac transfer - Wondershare MobileGo for iOS (Windows) or Wondershare MobileGo for iOS (Mac). This iPhone to Mac transfer is easy to use and works well with all iPhones including the latest iPhone 5.Additionally,Wondershare MobileGo for iOS (Mac) not only support transfer music, videos and photos from Mac to iPhone/iPod/iPad,but also Convert and Transfer Songs & Videos on Mac to Play on Your iPhone/iPod/iPad,MobileGo for iOS(Mac) can help you convert any audio/video files for iPhone/iPod/iPad.

Click "Download" button to download MobileGo for iOS to have a try!


How to transfer video/music from iPhone to Mac and iTunes,or add Music/Video from Mac/iTuens to iPhone 4S

Now, let's show you how to transfer videos and music from iPhone to iTunes and to Mac with this iPhone to Mac transfer. You can achieve your aim with only two steps. Here, we take the example of MobileGo for iOS Windows version. If you use a Mac, don't worry. The steps are quite the same in both Windows and Mac versions.

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to computer

First, install and run this iPhone to PC transfer on your computer. Then, connect your iPhone to your computer via a USB cable. This iPhone to PC transfer will detect your iPhone as soon as it's connected. If you don't install iTunes on your computer, this iPhone to PC transfer will give you the iTunes installation window. Then install iTunes. After that, your iPhone will be displayed in the primary window like the screenshot below:

Note: Wondershare MobileGo for iOS fully supports iPhone/iPad/iPod with iOS 5.0 and later.

Step 2. Transfer music/video from iPhone to computer and iTunes

In the primary window, click "Export Music to Folder" at the bottom line. Then, music on your iPhone will be instantly exported to your computer.

To export music to iTunes, click "Copy iDevices to iTunes">"Start". By default, all media files on your iPhone are ticked off. Remove marks of other media, when you decide to export music and videos. Then, click "Copy to iTunes".

You can transfer iPhone music to iTunes or computer in this way. Click "Media" in the left column to bring up the media window. As you see, there is a top line in the media window. Click "Music". When you come to the music window, choose songs that you intend to export and then click the little triangle under "Export to". A drop-down list appears.

To transfer music to your computer, you should choose "Export to My Computer". Then find a location to save the exported music on your computer.

To transfer music to iTunes library, you can choose "Export to iTunes Library". Or you can also click "Smart Export to iTunes". By clicking this button, this iPhone to computer transfer will transfer all music files not in iTunes library.

If you have many favorite videos on your iPhone and want to copy them to your computer or iTunes library, you should click "Media" >"Movies". Then, click the little triangle "Export to" and then select "Export to My Computer" or "Export to iTunes Library".

Note: The Mac version doesn’t support transferring videos and playlists from iPhone to iTunes for the time being.

Besides exporting videos and songs from iPhone to iTunes/computer, you are able to move playlists out of your iPhone and save them to your computer or iTunes library. Click "Playlist" in the left column and then click the triangle under "Export to">"Export to My Computer" or "Export to iTunes Library".

By the way, the professional iPhone to PC transfer additionally offers you the function of adding music/video from computer to your iPhone. If you want to transfer video and music from iPod to computer, or transfer video, music from iPad to computer, this iPhone to PC transfer can help you do them as well.

Download Wondershare MobileGo for iOS.


More information of Wondershare iphone ipad ipod manager

Wondershare MobileGo for iOS-Easily Transfer iPhone, iPod & iPad to iTunes & Computer;Transfer Any Data on iPhone, iPad or iPod to iTunes, Your PC & Back Easily.WonderShare MobileGo for iOS  is the best Apple Devices Trans manager tool, and it can do the best jobs in transfer, including something iTunes can’t do. Let’s dig deeper to see what it can do!

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