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Flash IMG Files on Rooted Android with Root Apps

publinshed by
sophia L yad at
March 10,2015

How to Flash IMG Files on Rooted Android Phone


“How management a rooted Android phone flash file? After connect the Android device to a computer,how to find the Flash IMG files on computer ? I can only see the file inside of the SD card after connected to a computer.”

Above these question,many Android users may face similar problem about how to flash IMG Files on their rooted Android phone. Today,let’s teach you how to Flash IMG Files on a Rooted Android with third-part tool.

What you need?

-Android Root App (tody we recommend you use “Flashify App”)
-A Rooted Android phone (Like Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony,ect)
-One USB cable suitable for your Android device
-a computer

For rooted Android smartphones and tablets, sometimes you may need to flash IMG files (files ending in .img).  Whether you are flashing recovery image such as CWM or TWRP recovery or flashing boot image, it’s always a complicated task involving fastboot command with a computer OR terminal emulator with dd commands.

Now, there’s an easier way to flash img files on any rooted Android device using an app called Flashify.  I ran into this problem while trying to flash a modded version of TWRP on my HTC One.  I wanted to find an easier way for users to install IMG files instead of using fastboot.  Also, there are many times when GooManager app doesn’t work and fails to install TWRP recovery.

For those frustrating situations, Flashify app makes flashing image files simple.

Use Guide to Flash IMG Files on Rooted Android with Root Apps

Step 1. First, make sure you have a rooted smartphone or tablet device.

Step 2. Next, download the image file you want to install.  In this example, I have downloaded a TWRP IMG file to my phone.

Step 3. Install and run the Flashify app.

Step 4. Make sure you hit “Allow” when Superuser request window pops up when opening the Flashify app.

Step 5.  Choose “Recovery image” for recovery images like CWM or TWRP.  (You could even flash stock recovery images and unroot btw.)

There’s other options like “Boot image” if you want to flash boot image (this could work well on older phones like HTC One X with S-On, where you are forced to use fastboot to install boot image.  Just flash boot image before installing ROM.).

Step 6. Next, choose the file you want to install by choosing “Choose a file”.

If you are installing standard CWM, TWRP, or Philz, it can even download the image file for you.

Step 7. Choose one of your file explorer apps.  If you don’t see any, try downloading ES File Explorer app from Play Store.

Step 8. Browse your storage and choose the IMG file you want to flash.

Step 9.  Choose “Yup”.  That’s it!

After installing the modded version of TWRP I wanted to install, my TWRP recovery has updated wonderfully as shown below.

I think there may be many instances where this app may be very useful but certainly in this case, it saved me few minutes of connecting my phone to my computer, running fastboot, and installing this custom modded version of TWRP I wanted.

Tips: The Rooted phone will not display rooted root unroot everyone should be able to shut down after holding down the button on the volume and then plug in the cable to see what is shown in their machines. Exit Brush mode is to hold down the power button you can reboot the machine.

The Rooted phone will not display rooted, not root the phone should be unroot, hold down the volume keys after we can shut down, and then plug in the cable to see what is your phone display. Exit Brush mode is to hold down the power button you can reboot the machine.

Tips: Once lost data on your Android phone,you can also use a android data recovery to get all lost data back,please learn more about how to recover data from a rooted Android phone.

Here,the YouTube video teach you how to fix the two most common errors in the Recovery while you are flashing a ROM step by step:

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