• Samsung will Launch the Galaxy S8 Mini in Selected Markets

    Samsung Galaxy S8 Mini
    April 2, 2017
    The Samsung Galaxy S8 mini will be available in a month or so, and it will provide users with more options to meet their size preferences and budget.
  • How and Where to Buy the Google Pixel Phones

    Buy the Google Pixel,Pixel Phone Prices
    20 Oct 2016
    Google Pixel and Pixel XL are Google released today,many people may ask how and where to buy the Pixel phones in US, UK and Germany? What's Google Pixel XL price, specifications and features?
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Explosion and Recall again

    Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Explosion and Recall again
    Octo, 7th,2016
    Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Explosion and Recall again.A month ago, the South Korean electronics giant was in trouble. As a result of a number of Galaxy Note 7 bombings, some hurt the children, some damage to the car, and some broke the hotel room things. Therefore, the company was forced to recall this just released flagship smartphone.
  • iMessages Features in iPhone 7 and iOS 10

    iPhone 7 and iOS 10 iMessages Features
    Sep, 6th,2016
    iMessage (information) function is long overdue alternative to the three major carriers, but it was Apple phone penetration rate is still relatively low, and Apple has not been done in the promotion of iMessage (information) function, so when most people are using the iPhone do not understand the existence of this feature.
  • iPhone 7 equipped with 3D Touch applications, dynamic lock screen stunning experience

    iPhone 7 equipped with 3D Touch applications
    Sep, 6th,2016
    iPhone 7 equipped with the 3D Touch iOS10 role further reflected. In fact, as early as the iPhone 6s appeared, 3D Touch has been to meet with you, the user lamented this feature magical at the same time, it is not widely used.
  • Nokia Coming Back,Nokia Swan 4GB RAM, 128GB ROM and 42MP Camera

    Nokia Swan
    Sep, 6th,2016
    Nokia Swan configuration: The 5.5 inches screen, rear camera 42 million pixels, powered by Snapdragon 823 processor, with 4GB RAM running memory and 128GB ROM internal memory, does not support external sd card is running Android6.0 system.
  • iPhone 7 Black Light Color: process complex turn into a new direction

    Images for Black light iPhone 7
    Sep, 6th,2016
    With Apple conference is getting closer and closer to us, the message about the color of the new iPhone7 is endless, in addition to rumors of deep space deep space blue and black outside, iPhone 7 is likely to introduce a technology is very complex and the difference very high color - light black.
  • Why Apple Wants You to Experience the New iOS Features in old Devices

    Old iPhone iPad Supported New iOS 10
    Sep, 3th,2016
    Why the Old iPhone iPad iPod Devices Supported New iOS System,but Android device are not.
  • How to Downgrade iPhone or iPad from iOS 10 Beta back to iOS 9.3

    Downgrade from iOS 10 Beta to iOS 9.3.2 on iPhone
    August, 30th,2016
    Many ios users may ask how to remove the iOS 10 public beta from your iPhone or iPad and go back to iOS 9: Delete iOS 10 and reinstall iOS 9. Plus: how to downgrade from iOS 10 beta to an earlier version of iOS 9,like iOS 9.0.2, iOS 9.3.2,iOS 9.3.3 or iOS 9.3.5.
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Recall:Galaxy Note 7 Explosion

    Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Recall
    Sep, 1th,2016
    Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Explosion and Recallby Samsung company,because of the explosion occurred during charging. The investigation has confirmed the explosion was caused by the problem battery.
  • iPhone 7 will Release, Apple Detailed SiriKit Applications in iOS 10

    SiriKit Applications in iOS 10
    Feb.28th, 2016
    iPhone7 approaching Apple Detailed iOS10 application of SiriKit.Apple said that with SiriKit development package, developers can take advantage of the power of Siri in chat applications. Users can use SquareCash transfer systems or mobile payment applications Monzo fast payment, or use WhatsApp, LinkedIn message to a friend.
  • iPhone 7 Appearance,Hardware and Price

    iPhone 7 Appearance,Hardware and Price
    Feb.28th, 2016
    Apple officially issued to the public a new invitation to officially announce the domestic fruit powder iPhone 7 coming, exactly what it brings new things, before the iPhone 7 release, let us uncover the layers of an onion-like the iPhone 7 veil.
  • iPhone 7/7 Plus Configuration and Features

    iPhone 7 Plus Configuration Features
    Feb.28th, 2016
    iPhone7 Although in appearance no less 6S big progress, but the color did not want to before, just a few colors, in addition to the earlier exposure of dark blue, and a new color, and the blue lake like Samsung note7 Oh, just a little to deep point.
  • Google Release Android 7.0,There are 30% of users Still Using Android 4.4

    Google Release Android 7.0 Nougat
    August, 21th,2016
    Google has released the latest version of Android mobile operating system - Android 7.0 Nougat. But it is not open to all Android users, even if some Android smart phones still have to wait a long time to upgrade. Currently, there are still 30% of users are using Android 4.4.
  • Android 7.0 System Application Speed Soared 600%

    Android 7.0 Speed Soared 600%
    August, 21th,2016
    Details From I / O developer conference show to see, Android 7.0 system efficiency called the history of the highest speed applications soared 600%, we look forward to the official version?
  • iPhone 7 Released on September 8, iPhone 7 latest Summary

    iPhone 7 Released on September 8
    August, 11th,2016
    iPhone 7 Released on September 8,here is the iPhone 7 latest Summary.iPhone 7 rumors had been aggregated, but with the news constantly exposed before some rumors have outdated or falsified. So now we offer the Apple iPhone news 7 to facilitate the reference of consumers whether to buy the "kidney fruit."
  • 2016 Top 3 Best-Selling Android phones is Samsung in the world

    Samsung 2016 Top 3 Best-Selling Android phones
    August, 11th,2016
    Top 3 Best-Selling Android phones is Samsung in the world for first half of 2016.These three are the Galaxy S7 Edge in the first half of 2016, the world's largest-selling Android models, Galaxy J2 and Galaxy S7.
  • Samsung Note 7 Released, S7 Edge users Have Something to Say

    Samsung Note 7 Released
    August, 11th,2016
    About twenty-three weeks before I take off with more than three months to sell the Galaxy S7 edge resale. See the Galaxy Note 7, the heart could not help but stir a handful, and finally I comfort myself, it is not with a stylus S7 edge it.
  • Apple iPhone Appearance Unchanged for 3 Years

    Apple iPhone Appearance Unchanged
    August, 11th,2016
    Apple iPhone Appearance Unchanged for 3 Years,Apple this year look for a change should be most happy Samsung, because Samsung's curved screen continues to stand out. The appearance of major changes next year iPhone, Samsung also pushed the new look and feel to contend with, and then the screen surface over gas sold to domestic manufacturers and then make a fortune
  • Huawei honor Note 8 6.6-inch QHD Large Screen Redefined Big Screen

    Huawei honor Note 8 6.6-inch QHD Large Screen
    August, 11th,2016
    August 1, 2016, the glory of new conference held in Beijing, officially released the new standard definition of large-screen phone new smart phones - the glory NOTE8. Glory NOTE8 break through the technical bottleneck of large-screen phone, set 6.6 inches 2K Super AMOLED screen.