• Apple iPhone Appearance Unchanged for 3 Years
    Apple iPhone Appearance Unchanged
    August, 11th,2016

    In fact, the goal has been basically confirmed that this year Apple is basically no change in appearance, which means that Apple has begun a drastic change, a drastic change gradual transition from two to three years. Apple's strength in terms of want to change a design is very easy to do, but why Apple did not do it? In other words, Apple is observed in observing the movements of other brands, but this observation does not matter Samsung Coke bloom.

    Apple iPhone Appearance Unchanged for 3 Years

    Apple this year look for a change should be most happy Samsung, because Samsung's curved screen continues to stand out. The appearance of major changes next year iPhone, Samsung also pushed the new look and feel to contend with, and then the screen surface over gas sold to domestic manufacturers and then make a fortune, you see? This is all routine Samsung and Apple play of the road, and then the appearance of an apple unchanged domestic brands really can not find a direction (not a copy of the object), domestic brands have been shown to produce numerous class Apple is the least risk, now look at the hottest domestic mobile phone, there is no shadow of Apple inside look on that one, and now there is no appearance of Apple's three major changes, the domestic mobile phone has a panic for a time did not know how to design a mobile phone.

    Apple iPhone Appearance Unchanged for 3 Years

    On the current situation in view of the mobile world, after all, Apple and Samsung have the final say, who first all-metal body of the HTC process almost to close down the bar, small manufacturers can not always create a trend. To Huawei beyond Apple and Samsung, it must come up with other brands could not get things to come, you want to lead an era must come up with this stuff beyond the age to come, such as: Samsung curved screen of similar technology, Huawei makes the world or in a particular innovation surprised, or surpass Samsung and Apple is unrealistic. If we think about the next year Samsung deformable screen commercially available, and that the mobile phone industry in terms of possible subversive, some time ago we were crazy to pass a few associate physical machine, but the technology is not Lenovo.

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