• Hyperboloid, S PEN, Iris Recognition - Samsung Galaxy Note 7
    Hyperboloid, S PEN, Iris Recognition Samsung Note 7
    August, 8th,2016

    Samsung Galaxy Note 7 simultaneous release about mobile phone in New York, London and in Brazil, this phone through powerful configuration and number of black science and technology, won the veritable king of the throne Andrews.

    "Phone? Tablet? It's Galaxy Note!" Note this Samsung product classic advertising slogan.

    samsung note 7 review

    Samsung's Note series is to develop in 2011, the product line is between the tablet and phone, more popular argument is that the "big-screen mobile phone", and its positioning in the high-end business market. Now, Samsung Note ushered in the sixth generation of products, in order to maintain consistency with the Galaxy S series of values, skip directly Note from 5 to 7.

    Note phone has the latest two versions, the National Bank Note7 using Xiaolong 821 processor, the Korean version note7 Samsung Exynos 8890 processor, 4GB RAM, 64GB capacity on, the battery capacity is 3500mAh (Note in the history of the maximum capacity) to support fast charging, TYPE -C interface highlights many features: IP69 rated waterproof, double-curved design, iris recognition, the newly designed S Pen, Andrews king deserved. The price is not cheap

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    Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Lead the Android World Again

    About Apple and Samsung, who should be more innovation, who are to follow in the industry has been controversial. Fruit powder that Apple is the leader, but many Android fans but hold different views on this, in particular low-end machine Samsung after China snatch market share of domestic mobile phones, some say "Samsung kingly no longer."

    Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is a Pioneer Large-Screen Phone

    If not, Samsung released large-screen phone, we may still still use the first-generation iPhone the size of the "golden ratio phones." By means of a Note series, Samsung to develop a "big-screen phone" market, breaking Steve Jobs on the phone, "the phone is 3.5 inches gold size, larger screen extremely stupid 'assertion, Apple was forced to launch" Plus "series of mobile phones, become a follower.

    Samsung Note phone screen was up from the original 5.3-inch to 5.7-inch today. However, since 2013 Note 3 upgrade from 5.5 to 5.7 inches, Note series screen size the past four years have not changed.

    For mobile phones the size of the contribution of the Samsung Note series is not bigger and bigger - and this has been done many domestic mobile phone, Huawei and other mobile phone manufacturers have introduced a 6.6-inch such a "giant screen mobile phone" in recent years. Samsung between 5 inches to 6 inches, and found it thinks gold size: 5.7. It seems Samsung 5.7-inch large screen is the limit, the phone still adhere to Apple Plus 5.5 inches, 5.7 inches and then to follow the trend of the future will it? Possibility.

    However, on the screen, Samsung want to play longer size, nor is the surface, but the double-curved surface.

    Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Hyperboloid Change Output

    For most mobile phones, the screen resolution is pursuing as 2K + VR, or larger size, or higher color gamut through the OLED screen. However, these are Samsung's play remaining.

    In the field of the screen has a strong independent technology Samsung is a curved screen pioneer, in October 2013, Samsung released the world's first curved screen phone Galaxy Round, after LG and other manufacturers followed suit.

    note 7 review

    Surface phone concept was very different from now, however, Samsung has successfully opened the curved mobile phone market. Now, Samsung Note 7 is to achieve a double-curved surface, the mobile phone industry once again in this first of its kind.

    samsung note 7 review

    Hyperboloid these benefits:

    1, designed to realize the full symmetry. From top to bottom, left to right, front to back, more beautiful.
    2, has the best grip. Especially when S PEN better reflect the advantage of operating experience, Samsung claims, Galaxy Note 7 is the most easy to use hand-held and mobile phones.
    3, has a real narrow border. Border reduced to the extreme, 5.7-inch screen is actually displayed the bigger picture - all do not advocate this level without borders, "No Borders" manufacturers estimate blush, right?
    4, on the interactive side can support more operations, these operations can still be customized.

    samsung note 7 photos

    Why Samsung's first to achieve double-curved surface? Its independent screen technology is not unrelated - Surface is a selling point, most cell phone manufacturers do not follow up, including Apple, and why? Lack of technology, domestic mobile phone manufacturers make curved phone, also have to buy a Samsung screen. Hyperboloid higher technical requirements, Samsung official claimed:
    We achieved almost impossible task: in the outermost surface of the curved glass. Because we do not want to sacrifice even one millimeter of space for writing.
    Hyperboloid is likely to become a Note 7 killer selling point, the future will spread to more Samsung products. It will become in a certain stage of Samsung's exclusive advantages, it is not just a function, but also related to the core technology, the opponent can not follow in the short term, Samsung will delay the time to sell this technology.

    Samsung Galaxy Note 7 S PEN Leading Handwriting Interaction

    S PEN is the highlight of Samsung's Note series phones have been - although many users purchase Note series but not accustomed to using this pen, a throwaway.

    Samsung's Note series phones positioned as business people, is a productivity tool, S PEN can significantly improve the efficiency of interaction. iPad Pro, Surface are all equipped with a pen, the difference is, S PEN after several developments have the combination of a lot of black science and technology, become the core competitiveness Note series phones.

    Pen to interact with the phone, not to mention leading mobile phone interactive innovation, but Samsung was different this pen, this pen nor that pen.

    1, S PEN tip becomes finer, finer sense of pressure.

    Why Samsung should continue to do fine nib? Because the phone screen writing screen is very limited, finer nib can more accurately select an object, and the user does not obscure the line of sight, so that writing and drawing more sophisticated, natural - imagine the size of the tip of the writing with a brush on the phone how experience?
    samsung galaxy note 7 s pen
    Similarly, in order to upgrade the pressure-sensitive writing finer control. S PEN sense of pressure has been upgraded to 4096, the other hand Apple Pencil iPad Pro and Surface Pro 4 configurations configured Surface Pen, sense of pressure is still 1024.

    galaxy note 7 s pen vs note 5 s pen

    2, S PEN bearer not just for writing.

    Note S PEN 7 of the text, drawing, brushes and other records stored directly to a Samsung Notes application, similar to Evernote. However, in addition to the notes, S PEN also carries more interactive features.

    note7 s pen and note 5 s pen

    S PEN has side buttons, then press to transform an eraser, but also to unlock the phone by pressing. The new S PEN intercept from the GIF and video sharing, scrollable screenshots. That is, it is not just a pen but has a custom function "interactive portal", like a button, but they are more powerful than the button.

    3, S PEN equipped with Samsung screen technology at any time of writing.

    Samsung Note 7 of S PEN upgraded. Note 7 introduces S7 of AOD screen, based on this, in a black state, S PEN can be written quickly. To achieve this because Samsung has its own screen technology, that is, S PEN is not just an independent existence, its cooperation with the Samsung screen technology is the core competence lies.

    4, SPEN support hover interaction to achieve "air writing."

    After floating out S PEN Open command window, do not touch the screen, hover in the air can be operated, including preview, zoom and translation.

    The pen can hover in the air to enlarge the corresponding area:
    Or the target text for translation:
    Now S PEN has the feeling of a mouse - keyboard + mouse is a generation of interactive, touch is the generation of interaction. S PEN and in the definition of a new interaction.

    5, S PEN support IP 68 waterproof writing to let you wirte in the water.

    samsung galaxy note 7 s pen waterproof write on water

    It has supported anti-lost functions before S PEN, as now any connection with phone support IP68 waterproof, you can write in the water - most people will not like this, but more importantly, you can write in the rain. Since Note 7 waterproof, it means that there will be a lot of contact with water handwritten scenario, S PEN waterproof is not superfluous.

    S PEN Samsung Note phone has been a red-letter "a", if you want to experience the good Note phone, be sure to use this pen to bring our interaction. Apple Pencil with different pens and other conventional, S PEN is not just a place of a finger input tool, it is an interactive tool that can carry screenshots and other custom features, but also bring in such a way "air writing", with Samsung screen technology joint writing at any time is to achieve a state screen quenching, nothing less is not strong.

    Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Iris Recognition to Lead the Industry

    This phone is not the world's first mobile phone iris recognition, in May last year, Fujitsu introduced the world's first powered laxative iris recognition technology, new models Arrows NX F-04G.

    Samsung Galaxy Note 7 iris recognition

    However, as the iPhone 5s is not the first mobile phone with fingerprint recognition fingerprint recognition has led popular as Samsung's market share in the mobile phone industry will lead the popularity of iris recognition. Samsung released in May of Galaxy Tab Iris tablet has support for iris recognition, Note 7 but the Samsung mobile phones equipped with the start of iris recognition.

    Iris recognition advantage?

    With fingerprint and face, each person's iris has a unique, but unique iris stronger: fingerprint recognition error rate is 1:10 million; the higher facial recognition error rate of 1: 10,000; voiceprint recognition the error rate is higher. Iris error rate is 1: 100 million, tens of thousands of times higher than fingerprint security. Therefore, the higher the rate of iris recognition.

    Compared with the traditional way in terms of recognition, iris recognition it is more stable and less interference and can not be copied.

    Fingerprint susceptible to scratches, drying, moisture, grease, stains and impact difficult to recognize, wet your hands will not be able to unlock the iPhone, iPhone and fingerprint recognition rate will gradually decrease with use, and sometimes need to press to press to go.
    People will face because of the lights, age, glasses and other external factors change, the difference between before and after the make-up of a woman but a huge difference.
    The sound will be affected by environmental interference, because of the cold, age and other external factors change.

    Iris is very stable and difficult to change is affected, it does not require frequent feature register. In addition, the fingerprint through fingerprint film copying, facial recognition can make use of HD photos, 3D printing or dynamic to identify cracks, voiceprint can be copied by an analog recording and pronunciation (some of the actors have such capability), iris difficult to duplicate. Since the rise of mobile payment applications such as "safe sex" is becoming increasingly important, iris recognition will rage.

    Iris recognition easier, fingerprint identification need to wipe your fingers, touch tap, waiting to unlock, iris recognition, look at it, it was really cool. However, the iris recognition now there are some restrictions, such as Samsung Note 7 requires the user to remove the glasses, babes beauty pupil will fail ...... believe these problems will be solved.

    Technology is mature, the cost is acceptable, iris recognition will replace the fingerprint identification, Samsung will once again lead the world.

    To sum up:

    Samsung claims, Galaxy Note 7 is a "revolutionary new mobile", this is not bragging.

    samsung galaxy note 7 review

    About configuration parameters, run sub is no longer any sense, not in this dimension Samsung had to compete with other brands.

    Hyperboloid phone, S PEN and iris recognition these "black technology", is Samsung's competitiveness, and the competitiveness of these, in turn depends on Samsung's cutting-edge technology research and development strength, the R & D strength and different Huawei, Huawei R & D or something in follow, such as the processor. Samsung dare development screen, iris and other cutting-edge technology and used to products. Apple has done this before, and now at least from a product point of view, it has been impossible, at least on the interactive, Samsung has to throw off a few blocks Apple, leading the mobile phone industry. In September, the upcoming release of iPhone 7, has many in black & Galaxy Note 7 after the release, it seems even more inferior. Fortunately, we have a future Samsung can expect.