• Apple has finally found the feeling: iOS 9.3 beta of Revelation
    iOS 9.3 Beta Reviews
    Jan, 28th, 2016

    For iOS system, Apple is doing most of OS developers are not aware of the things that bring people to this platform really want and care about things.

    Not the ideal start

    ios 9.3 beta Surprise arrival

    Apple has finally found the feeling: iOS 9.3 beta of Revelation
    Rudely said that the first impression iOS 9 gives very good. After rehabilitation version formally launched, a variety of problems have been plaguing users who upgraded the lead.
    The first is its performance on the old equipment has been shadowing apparent Caton. Although it is still regarded as smooth compared to other systems, but for the people's minds have been invincible iOS fluency, any little problems are very very concerned about, but does affect the experience

    In addition to application crashes and flash back, keyboard playing hide and seek, copy / paste menu playfully series BUG also occur. Although this is not fatal, but many times it is crazy enough.
    Compared to the original version of iOS 9.1 it is a huge step forward, but it is still somewhat far away from perfect. While fluency and stability of some progress, but such as text misalignment, icons displacement, Wi-Fi signal instability, iTunes application backup failures and so on are still plaguing many users

    Everything to the iOS 9.2 finally has greatly improved. Compared to the previous version, iOS 9.2 has been further improved on fluency. Enter multi-task interface, Caton phenomenon no longer appear when task switching, fluency dropdown Spotlight search box, whether you a lot. On the actual experience of view, iOS 9.2 is considered a mature version, but we did not expect iOS 9.3 beta can still bring surprises.

    Surprise arrival

    ios 9.3 beta Perhaps a better future

    The biggest new features of the new system than the Night Shift. Apple tried to weaken equipment blue light, thereby preventing its impact on the user's biological clock.
    By the clock and GPS, iOS device will judge for themselves whether the sun had set, and then make the appropriate color temperature adjustment. This function is for the majority of night owls is very practical, at least we can live a little longer healthier.
    Overall, iOS 9.3 beta gives the experience is very fast and smooth, there is no obvious BUG. The most important thing is, Wi-Fi and mobile networks is also very normal.
    For those who like to keep important information in the memorandum of the people, the new entrants to the encryption mechanism will certainly make them happy, especially the users can even use Touch ID to unlock the time. Another interesting new feature is the photo backup, which means I have more control over the photo, without fear of damage to the original that one.
    You may also have heard iOS 9.3 can hide application icons. This is true, but that is not to everyone ready, because it relies on Apple Configurator software, that is to give business and education users. From this point of view, Apple's future may be completely open up this function in subsequent editions.
    A very surprising thing is that people are a beta version of the new features can be so excited - not those professionals, but most ordinary users. Many people may not know that their computer memory in the end how much, do not care what Windows 10 has new features, but they obviously are very concerned about the changes brought by iOS 9.3.

    Perhaps a better future

    ios 9.3 beta review Perhaps a better future

    Through iOS 9.3 beta, we see Apple probably walking down the right path. The new version brings is one of the most wanted and most needed features. Indeed iOS 9.3 did not bring any change reborn, but people are still excited.
    Apple rarely joined in such a small update in so many important new features, whether this means that each subsequent update iOS magnitude will be greater, so that we no longer wait for the new features throughout the year? We hope so.

    Keep in mind that, iOS 9.3 is still in beta testing phase, which means a lot of things are still not perfect. If you are worried about the future problems that may occur, and that was not the first to experience the beta version better. We see from iOS 9.3 beta version is a good trend, but it does not mean you can completely take it as the official version to use. Feng faithful experience the current point of view, power consumption increased significantly in iOS 9.3 beta is a defect. Of course, if you do not mind the risk of power do not care, just for fluency and very interested in the new features, it is worth a try.

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