• Samsung Note 7 Released, S7 Edge users Have Something to Say
    Samsung Note 7 Released
    August, 11th,2016

    Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is equipped with a stylus S7 edge.

    Samsung's second half flagship product Galaxy Note 7 officially released worldwide.

    A friend asked: "? You'll buy it."

    "No," I pretended to buy decisively.

    About twenty-three weeks before I take off with more than three months to sell the Galaxy S7 edge resale. See the Galaxy Note 7, the heart could not help but stir a handful, and finally I comfort myself, it is not with a stylus S7 edge it.

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    Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Features

    To make people feel good to swear Galaxy S7 edge

    What's Key Features of Samsung Galaxy Note 7

    Color and UI

    Barcelona debut in early Galaxy S7 edge rave reviews. March 10, when I was on sale in Hong Kong, traveled to nearby Broadway residence, Suning, Fortress, only to find a Samsung called DiamondMax black S7 edge. Samsung aesthetic level swing in the choice of color play a particular instability. Early on sale, Galaxy S7 edge just a hard to find, however, large and small electrical appliances in the city will always be under the screen several golden section of the machine. I have observed that many people only hear the golden section turned to leave, they would rather wait a few days, while a little lucky, but fortunately, the user is not aesthetic deviation.

    Fortunately, Note 7 on your choice up more. It is available in four colors, but also from product photos, in addition to gold still reveals a golden age of grandiose atmosphere can not be accepted, the other three are called wonderful. Deep black, gray sober, and elegant blue (its gold frame reservations), in recent years, top-rated Samsung toner level.

    Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Features

    Samsung mobile phones in the past been criticized more is bloated rough TouchWiz. After several iterations, lightweight replaced the bloated, rough problem still continues, although has played down a lot. A new version of the system, a third party app will be forced to put the Samsung version of the rounded rectangle icon, more mellow. If you do not like it, it can only be resolved by installing a third-party Launcher. My personal favorite is the Google Now Launcher, loaded it, matched with a full set of Google services, pretend Nexus anywhere.

    Memory Management

    I am a native Android controls, or heavy users of Google services. Google can easily install a full-service, fluency Google services running, as well as scientific tools to optimize the Internet (I used power tools can often reach 20% share) how much will affect my judgment on a cell phone. This is my detour, reasons for choosing Hong Kong version of the S7 edge.

    The first few weeks of use, I, like many people immersed in dual front and rear surfaces of the smooth touch screen, amazing no friends to double-click the home button to take pictures. Subsequently, the problems began to appear.

    First Caton (visual). Correspondence with many domestic Android spend 6GB RAM, S7 edge with 4GB RAM, although not top configuration, but combined with the flagship standard Qualcomm Xiaolong 820, in theory, run smoothly without problems, RAM does not become obvious shortcomings. The fact is that after extended use you will obviously feel it Caton, primarily visual. A large part of the reason is that it is usually up and running really smooth, and even very slight Caton will be amplified and perception.

    This occurs because there are multiple, CPU frequency reduction, not enough memory to run, app optimization itself, transitions, animation, etc., and the more likely scenario is that memory management, memory recall doing a good job. Permanent background app will increase the power consumption, the result is S7 edge 3600mAh battery capacity is the same for two full day. At this point, domestic brands generally have more experience that they understand the user demand for fluency life. Is more radical vivo Xplay 5S, even if you put an app, such as VPN software to join the white list, it still would get rid of it after a while. Next time use, you still need to re-opening the connection.

    Therefore, for the same hardware configuration Note 7, it still is the need to verify subsequent issues. There is a saying that Samsung intends to Note 7 to go into 6GB RAM, but with its own Exynos 8890 processor compatibility issues, in order to maintain the consistency of the two versions, then be reduced to a 4GB RAM.

    Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Features

    Fingerprint recognition

    Imperfections S7 edge of a fingerprint to unlock the absolute count. Its fingerprint recognition speed, recognition success rate can be said that the domestic mobile phone behind a generation. Front Home button is raised, push design. Before fingerprint to unlock, you need to press the Home key. But the keys feel more rigid, even after several weeks, and no force feedback signs of weakening. Disposable unlock the chances of success significantly lower than the average. Optional hardware vendors, Samsung's fingerprint identification module from Synaptics 2013 acquisition of Validity. PingWest products visit Synaptics play at Computex 2016 booth, the staff said, and did not receive S7 edge fingerprint recognition bad experience feedback. Samsung is one of the few brands in the mobile phone using Synaptics programs corresponding is, the majority of domestic brands fingerprint recognition is a Swedish supplier of FPC, Meizu is a domestic supplier of top science and technology exchange.

    Another reason is poor fingerprint identification experience, unlock animation is not enough detail, there is no acceleration of a gradual process. Significant fault when S7 edge fingerprint to unlock. Samsung after identification verification process is completely ended rather abruptly come into a constant speed of animation. Even the animation quickly, even though it still can be used to unlock the speed of the second solution to describe. Only the user experience, unlocking is not in one go.

    In addition to fingerprint recognition, Samsung Note 7 increased iris recognition. The existing level of technology, iris recognition in security better identify the speed and convenience, but still worse than fingerprinting. The latter has come to identify the speed level of 0.2 seconds, and you can come up with a mobile phone in the pocket while the fingerprint unlock screen bright screen information is not a problem; iris recognition - and you need to unlock the screen lit wake the sensor, eyes look directly at the top of the screen, and then unlock. So at the moment, iris recognition is more of a complementary nature to unlock the program.

    Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Features

    Anti inadvertently

    S7 edge hyperboloid screen addictive, but also feel good to say bad words. A question inevitably is a relatively high probability of inadvertently.

    Samsung subsequent updates published separately in order to solve this problem. After the update, the chance of inadvertently appeared much lower than the beginning, when the keyboard to enter text Tap rarely occur for a long time did not respond, but also arched situation thumbs up. However inadvertently it is still there, but the probability is reduced. And this little bug is sporadic user test of patience, but also affect the user experience.

    Note 7 canceled the conventional screen version, leaving only the curved screen version, somewhat radical. Turnip greens all have love, although the curved screen to please the eye pleasing hands, I believe that some users simply like Flanagan stylus, not to mention this year's S Pen on the performance indicators, and design and a new upgrade . Finer nib, 0.7mm, 4096 pressure sensitive; GIF animation shots, long shots and so on.

    Of course, the abolition of conventional screen printing plate can also be another explanation, Samsung solve the problem of inadvertently surface of the screen. Note 7 users have to use the representation of the effect of anti inadvertently much better than the S7 edge.

    Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Features

    Note 7 is still a good phone models

    Note 7 after the release, it was fortunate that fortunately did not wait, buy directly S7 edge. Some also say that I need an S Pen. Of course, for many people, as long as it is a curved screen, there is no reason for refusal.

    Finally, I lied to myself, Note 7 is equipped with a stylus S7 edge.

    Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Features

    Samsung Note 7 released the new Gear VR, USB C interfaces, but the MWC included previous generation gray helmet eat at home a long time.

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    Recalling feel good to swear under the Galaxy S7 edge

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