• Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Recall:Galaxy Note 7 Explosion
    Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Recall
    Sep, 1th,2016

    Recently, the media has reported that Samsung Electronics has announced to fully recall the latest smart phone NOTE 7 in Korea because of the explosion occurred during charging. The investigation has confirmed the explosion was caused by the problem battery.

    Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recall: Everything you need to know

    According to Samsung, only 0.1 percent of product shipped may affected by the problem battery, which can be solved after a simple replacement of a new battery. As for the Samsung Note 7 of Chinese version, Samsung explained that the mobile phones sells in China did not use the problem battery. The problem batteries are mainly provided by three battery suppliers.

    samsung galaxy note 7 Explosion recall

    Tips: Before recall your Samsung Galaxy Note 7,please backup data from Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to computer,at first.

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    Why the Samsung note 7 exploded and what’s the impact on Samsung? Let’s take a look as follow.

    Why Samsung Recall Samsung Galaxy Note 7?

    First, why cell phone batteries explode?

    Now cell phone batteries are lithium batteries, lithium is the chemical periodic table diameter of the smallest and most reactive metal, so high volume of small capacity density. Chemical properties of lithium is too active, lithium metal is exposed to air, it will produce oxygen and intense oxidation reaction and explosion. In order to enhance safety and voltage, scientists invented the use of graphite and lithium cobalt oxide (also lithium iron phosphate, lithium manganese oxide, ternary material) and other materials to store lithium.

    The molecular structure of these materials, to form a nano-level fine storage grid can be used to store a lithium atom. Thus, even if the battery case rupture, oxygen enters, also due to the oxygen molecule is too large, it can not enter these small cells, so that the lithium atom is not in contact with oxygen and prevent explosion.

    When the lithium-ion battery, the positive electrode of a lithium atom loses electrons becomes lithium ions. Lithium-ion via an electrolyte (or polymer) to travel to the negative electrode, a negative electrode into the cell and get an electronic, reduced to a lithium atom. When discharged, the entire program upside down. Will be coupled with one kind of battery separator paper has many pores to prevent short circuits. Good separator paper also when the battery temperature is too high, automatically closes the pores, so that the lithium ions can not pass through, to prevent danger.

    galaxy note 7 recall

    However, in actual use, the occurrence of an external short circuit, causing the battery temperature rises sharply vaporized electrolyte, the battery shell broken up, lithium encounters oxygen in the air on fire. If no external short circuit, but the battery is not fine at the time of manufacture, a small impurity paper pierced septum, causing an internal short circuit, when serious problems will arise caught fire and exploded.

    In another case, the overcharging. In the case of overcharging, the negative will produce a lot of needle-like lithium metal crystallization, these crystals will pierce the separator paper, resulting in an internal short circuit, which caught fire and exploded.

    In addition, high temperature, impact, puncture, are likely to damage the membrane, lithium and even direct contact with oxygen in the air caught fire and exploded.

    It should be noted that, in the case of an internal short circuit, the problem often occurs suddenly. Last night you accidentally overcharge an internal short circuit, but the heat in the battery slowly accumulate.

    You wait until noon the next day the phone in pocket inside, the heat accumulated to a certain extent, is more serious short circuit, a fire or explosion will cause the phone, without any previous warning.

    Second, what's wrong Samsung note7

    Samsung note7 battery supplier has more than supply, while the main battery supplier exactly what Samsung's own SDI.

    Samsung note7 charge is to be found in Korea explosion, and the explosion of the battery for many reasons, may be the improper use, an internal short circuit caused by improper charging, the battery may be a user had a shock.

    Samsung to global battery recall, and referred to only 0.1% of the products shipped may be affected by the problem, indicating that Samsung found in verifying the cause of the battery when the vendor's own technology or materials, quality control is a problem. And if it is a problem if the SDI, Samsung will search faster.

    So, Samsung note7 battery problem should not be an accident or improper use of the user. But Samsung Through the inspection, found himself in a lot of batteries do have a problem, maybe the quality of diaphragm, perhaps quality control, protection circuit ...... perhaps.

    Samsung can define the number of questions, explain the problem procurement of raw materials batch is informed.

    This problem can solve by replacing the battery recall.

    Third, was leaking overnight rain

    Although there is always a probability of lithium battery explosion, but the impact of the problem on a batch of Samsung is still very large.

    Note 7 belong to the new product, only some parts of the world arrive, just listed on the recall, how much will affect people's confidence in Samsung products.

    All along, the Samsung and Apple compete in the mobile space is very intense. The bombings in Note 7, to a certain extent, also to publish next week a new generation of new opportunities for Apple iPhone.

    Swing user is likely to give up Samsung products, and the choice of Apple's new iPhone.

    Samsung's profit in the second quarter of this year, Galaxy S7 are its biggest source of profit, in the United States with the help of operators, Galaxy S7 sales grew strongly. And Samsung's own forecast by the end of this year, Note7 to ship at least 11 million, but now it will be very difficult. Battery explosion may also make more profit this year, Samsung hopes away, while Apple will make a profit.

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