• How to delete useless built-in APP on iPhone
    Remove Default iOS Apps
    Jan, 28th, 2016

    delete buil-in app on iPhone

    When we buy a new iPhone, above, there are a lot of Apple's built in APP, and some will be used is usually, but some are open less than once a year tasteless! When the phone APP lot and do not want them to preload APP delete off phone screen space is occupied, how to do?

    erase buil-in app on iPhone

    In fact, the iPhone after upgrading to iOS 9 has a preload APP can hide these small coup, you can learn to make iPhone the picture becomes more refreshing!

    how to delete buil-in app on iPhone

    After long press and hold the icon APP, APP becomes shake icon may edit mode, combined with other unused APP into a folder.

    wipe built in app from iPhone

    By then into the folder, again press and hold APP becomes shaken state, pull to the right to create a new folder page, and then hold down the APP hold state, will be pulled APP edge right of the screen, and then pull back to the center of the screen with another finger press the Home key, then the APP icon to the left of the screen will instantly fly away, disappear from the screen above!

    remove buil-in app on iPhone

    But this is not really put these genuine Apple APP preloaded deleted, but will hide it (still can use the search function on).

    hide useless app on iPhone

    Just reboot iPhone, these APP will re-appear, but do not like the picture less than helpful APP phone cleanliness are concerned, at least one APP can be displayed on the screen, the whole mood is really using a mobile phone will be different , interested users may wish to try.

    delete native iphone apps

    hide stock app icons on iPhone

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    As an iPhone user, you should be more aware that device storage space could often be at a premium. Actually, clearing app caches on your iPhone could be a better option to help you enjoy more valuable device space while speed up your iPhone. To clean out your iPhone's memory and speed up the slow iPhone,you can delete junk files on iPhone permanently.

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