• Huawei honor Note 8 6.6-inch QHD Large Screen Redefined Big Screen
    Huawei honor Note 8 6.6-inch QHD Large Screen
    August, 11th,2016

    August 1, 2016, the glory of new conference held in Beijing, officially released the new standard definition of large-screen phone new smart phones - the glory NOTE8. Glory NOTE8 break through the technical bottleneck of large-screen phone, set 6.6 inches 2K Super AMOLED screen, powerful hardware configuration and excellent endurance in one, leading the large-screen phone trends. In order to better meet the needs of the consumer experience, while the glory of routes of Pro version of the game, and the glory box for users to create Pocket Pro, living room around the clock, the whole video game entertainment experience and interaction to experience a one-stop solution.

    On that day, the glory also be released over the phone the entire network of high-quality bid glory Play 5, adhering to the glory of the "quality win" concept, this has a very high "quality bid," the new phone the entire network will be further meet the price and performance of mobile phone users experience rising requirements and play series with other products together to form a more complete product matrix.

    Huawei honor Note 8 6.6-inch QHD Large Screen

    Zhao Ming, president of glory at the conference, said: Glory NOTE8 proposed more innovative "large screen + 2K" new standards to meet the user for the big screen mobile entertainment applications growing demand. Based on its understanding of the industry trends and customer needs, experience profound insight glory with custom 6.6 inches screen + 2K Super AMOLED "combined" to create a better experience for the entertainment needs of consumers, leading industry trends.

    Huawei honor Note 8 could sport a 6.6-inch QHD screen

    Custom 6.6 inches + 2K Super AMOLED screen redefines large-screen phone

    As a new standard for large-screen phone is defined milestone product, field conference glory NOTE8 become the protagonist of the most heavyweight. Through special customized 6.6 inches + 2K Super AMOLED screen, the visual boundaries glory NOTE8 the screen extends to the extreme, and showed higher color saturation and more layered picture quality makes the screen more impact in the world. A combination of high resolution and large screen, but also broke the previous large-screen phone "only screen size," the industry pattern, to lead the future development trend of the smartphone industry.

    Huawei honor Note 8 6.6-inch QHD Large Screen

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    NOTE8 glory of 2K Super AMOLED has a 2560 × 1440 ultra-high resolution, so that high-definition wide-screen field of vision more delicate. For users who prefer mobile phones to read glory NOTE8 screen text is clear and sharp, brought no lose kindle the viewing experience; and for a number of "chasing the family drama" big screen immersive viewing experience, let the phone become a "mobile cinema", the glory NOTE8 together the industry's leading provider of high-quality video content on Youku, provides users with 64 million hours of video transboundary resources, Behind the Scenes hit series. Based on both the target user group and highly consistent brand positioning, glory and Youku video services to achieve a fully open mode of cooperation: account open, open content, open up operations, as well as members of data to get through to get through - the glory NOTE8 purchase user, one yuan opened three months video one member, enjoy video VIP membership services; large screen bring more Hearty happy manipulation pleasure, glory NOTE8 NetEase games classic hand tour "Westward Journey" cooperation, and that "to enjoy the glory of experience, play Westward Journey to the West "slogan. The Netease game for all the users purchase the glory NOTE8 provide a "Westward Journey" game packs exclusive, conference Netease game Wang Yi, vice president took the floor, and 2K think 6.6 inches large screen phone configuration, called hand tour artifact, to bring a new level of hand travel experience, also announced glory NOTE8 NetEase "Westward Journey" is recommended to use the machine, allowing the player an insight into the global mobile games easily "super god." In addition to enjoying excellent visual experience, but also with the glory glory NOTE8 professional eye mode, you can filter harmful blue light, watching videos, reading novels, playing a game while reducing blue radiation screen to relieve eye fatigue. Glory NOTE8 a glorious big screen flagship, the combination of 6.6 inches 2K screen and the integration of science and technology in many aspects of convenience and fun experience to read, videos, mobile games and office, in terms of content but also to join Tencent financial management through the Internet and finance mobile terminals combine to bring a greater exploration within the industry ecosystem to build, but also for the consumer version of the mobile terminal joys of life experience to bring updates breakthrough.

    Huawei honor Note 8 6.6-inch QHD Large Screen

    In line with the improved performance of the screen, and the glory NOTE8 also with a number of technological innovations and breakthroughs, provides users with a full range of experience to upgrade. Glory NOTE8 using Kirin 955 processor, not only to drive a powerful computing performance 2K resolution performance requirements, taking into account the balance between performance and power consumption, and high thermal conductivity through innovative materials and internal architecture restructuring, the CPU full heat , effective control of body temperature.

    Appearance, glory NOTE8 by hiding breathing lights, hidden mic, hidden light sensor design, interpretation of the compact body design language. Through a more rational arrangement of large-capacity battery, and the glory NOTE8 whole thickness of only 7.18mm, plus 2.5D arc screen design, comfort grip is easy to control.

    Glory NOTE8 supports VoLTE voice technology, the entire network 4G +, sky-global services, as well as screenshots knuckles - that belly fingers and knuckles by identifying different percussion, to achieve full-screen screenshots, interception part of human nature. Upgrade fingerprint sensor supports wet hand unlock, put out the unlock screen, fingerprint payment and other functions, can also act as a camera shutter, answer the phone, turn off the alarm clock shortcuts.

    Differentiated market occupying glory Play 5 rich connotation of the brand

    In addition to the pursuit of the ultimate entertainment experience to meet the user's glory NOTE8, released the same day of glory Play 5, it is tailored for entry-level users "King of the bid was" full Netcom phone. Play Glory Glory 5 adhering to the "quality win" concept, to provide consumers with the best value rate while ensuring product quality "does not reduce the price."

    Glory Play 5 with a 5-inch screen, and 2GB RAM + 16GB ROM combination of memory, built-in 2200mAh capacity battery, with the Chilean electric power 3.0 hardware and software integration technology, the longest battery life of up to seven days, with the price of the product outstanding performance. In the photo, the glory of Play 5 uses a 800-megapixel rear, front 2 million pixel camera combination, while the aircraft is also equipped with front and rear soft lights dual LED flash, together with wisdom in like 3.0 Professional image processing engine, easy to shoot high-quality photos.

    As a full Netcom phone, glory Play 5 of remarkable performance in communications. Regardless of Mobile, China Unicom, or telecommunications users are easy to get started without having to change phone numbers. Glory Play 5 VoLTE support HD voice calls, dual card dual standby and other practical features. There is also the glory of innovative Easy Key. Users can customize the Easy Key into the micro-channel such as click, double click to open the flashlight, long press photographs and other convenience features, a more convenient mobile Internet experience.

    Since the entire network by demand for mobile phones in high-end users to entry-level users to spread the glory of the launch of Play 5 Watch entry-level full Netcom user groups for its high-quality bid, occupying the first to establish a market advantage, accelerate the entire network popularity of mobile phones, and lay the foundation for future competition. Play arrival glory 5, it will also be introduced earlier glory and Play 5X / 5C / 5A series with the formation of a complete product matrix, covering different segments of user groups, to create a new entry-level mobile phone market.

    Experience Movies stop tour collaboration to create the ultimate entertainment experience

    In addition to the two new smart phones, this conference also brought honor and glory routing Pro version of the game box Pro. Through interconnection with mobile phone equipment, network equipment and glorify use technology to provide users with visual upgrades, shadow tour linkage entertainment experience.

    Glory routing Pro version of the game, and then released earlier glory WiFi wall treasure, glory routing Pro together perfect glory routing product layout. Glory routing Pro version of the game is not only the glory of the intelligent home network system in a fervent, it will also be extended to gaming glory routing products.

    Also announced the latest generation of high-end 4K intelligent voice network set-top boxes - Glory Box Pro. From its viewing, multi-screen on the basis of the previous generation of products based on the contents of three dimensions significantly upgraded, creating pure video experience, allowing users to see happy.

    Zhao Ming, president of glory during an interview after the meeting, said: this conference, further glory by breaking the NOTE8 Internet phone application scenarios for large-screen phone in audio, video, mobile games, mobile office, and reading different usage scenarios depth explore, to meet the user's screen a broader vision, more delicate screen performance, upgrade more gorgeous color screen consumer demand, continue to strengthen the leadership in the glory of the smartphone market. Meanwhile, the glory scenario gradually extended to the field of home entertainment, through glory and honor routing Pro version of the game box Pro "capture" living room entertainment technology to provide users with the overall solution, which is the glory of science and technology mission.

    Huawei honor Note 8 6.6-inch QHD Large Screen

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    NOTE8 full glory wholly Netcom, light platinum gold, ice silver, elegant gray three colors, including, 4GB + 32GB priced at 2299 yuan, 4GB + 64GB priced at ¥ 2499 Yuan, 4GB + 128GB ¥ 2799 yuan, August 1 open daily 17:00 Huawei Mall and Jingdong Mall appointment at 10:08 on August 2 open 99 yuan sale, at 10:08 on August 9 the first pin; glory play version 5 of the entire network and operation agreement plate, priced at ¥ 599 million, at 10:08 on August 2 operators agreed to plate Huawei Mall, Jingdong, Lynx glory official flagship store, Suning Tesco four synchronized platform sale.