• Why Apple Wants You to Experience the New iOS Features in old Devices
    Old iPhone iPad Supported New iOS 10
    Sep, 3th,2016

    A lot of people are very familiar with Apple's iOS system - iOS 10, iOS 9, iOS 8 or older systems, even the old iPhone released in 2007 can be upgraded for 4-5 years, then why Apple did not like most of the domestic machine manufacturers, in a very short period of time to give up on the previous two years phone provides system updates, which is a variety of reasons, summed up, there are few points:

    ios 10 supported old iPhone iPad

    1.In order to let users think the Apple company is the conscience of the enterprise, to buy iPhone can receive software upgrades and support for life

    2.Due to the closed nature of iOS, and Apple hardware continuity, Apple let a new system to support old hardware is easy

    3.Apple hopes to show their strength compared to both older phones requires a lot of manpower and resources

    4.Apple wants you to experience the new features of the system on the old iPhone, but it will obviously be greatly reduced on the user experience, prompting the user to generate an updated idea of ​​mobile phones.

    iphone 5s in ios 10

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    Why Google Android's own son - Nexus can get the system upgrade, other manufacturers have little or no upgrade the system:

    1.Android hardware too different, it is difficult to provide a complete upgrade from Google, the manufacturers is not willing to take this energy and money

    2.Less profit Andrews machine, if four or five years of phone support, many users may not change the phone a few years

    3.Many of the early users of the system a Root cracks, so that online upgrade failure, many users do not want to install vendor updates

    "New York Times" news that Apple's upcoming iOS10 will support a variety of Apple devices, including models of iPhone 5 (2012 released) and after last year's sixth-generation iPod Touch, fourth-generation iPad (also Published 2012) and later models - including the iPad Mini 2, iPad Air and iPad Pro.

    Android 7.0 for old Android Nexus 7

    Google can do is to own two or three years of product support, Google August 22 released Android 7.0 Nougat, does not support the 2013 release of Nexus devices --Nexus 5 and second-generation mobile phone Nexus 7 Tablet computer. Android 7.0 supports these devices: Nexus 6,5X, 6P and General Mobile 4G smartphone, Nexus 9 and Pixel C tablet and Nexus Player set-top boxes.

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