• iPhone 7 Black Light Color: process complex turn into a new direction
    Images for Black light iPhone 7
    Sep, 6th,2016

    With Apple conference is getting closer and closer to us, the message about the color of the new iPhone7 is endless, in addition to rumors of deep space deep space blue and black outside, iPhone 7 is likely to introduce a technology is very complex and the difference very high color - light black.

    Recently, microblogging called Deng Deng adults Meizu test engineers in micro-blog on the new iPhone 7 color interpretation. He said that due to blasting and anodizing now this process has now been used up, from low-end to high-end products, most of all the use of this technology, and the emergence of black light iPhone 7 expected to be a breakthrough . After this process is the metal body through CNC machining, grinding and polishing process and then directly, so that the back surface of the body as smooth as a mirror, followed by anodizing color, and finally in the surface layer of the coating (similar to car waxing). However, because the bright side, it certainly will be greatly reduced scratch resistance.

    And to achieve this new technology there is a big difficulty. The most difficult part is that polished mirror effect polishing, in order to control this process you have to have a long debugging and precision machines. So low yields, high cost has become a boring point of this new technology, if Apple really can light black handle and launched, then this new color is sure to become a new iconic iPhone! Of course, the attendant is pre-demand, under the process difficult and limited production capacity situation is expected to form a hard to find a situation.

    At the same time, the industry also said that in fact, many domestic manufacturers are proofing, but because so many of the problems mentioned above have not seen the relevant product appears on. Apple can not see the band head for everyone to take a mature way! So say if Apple really successful launch of this new technology, then, domestic manufacturers will soon follow suit should follow. We have to admit that Apple is still a benchmark in the industry, for the body design "identical" Now, it really needs innovation like this.