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How to Recover Deleted Data on Galaxy S7/S6

publinshed by
Steven Jone at
March 10,2015

Summary:Accidental deletion, misoperation, flashing ROM, factory reset, rooting, formatting, virus attack and other unknown reasons can cause data loss on your Galaxy S6/S7?Read this article,we will recommend you two different Samsung data recovery to recover deleted data from Galaxy S6/S6 edge/S7/S7 edge.

If by any chance that you accidentally lost/delete data on Samsung S6 edge without backups, there is no need to be worried either. To restore lost data on Galaxy S6/S7/A9/Note 5,here we recommend you two different Samsung data recovery software to recover lost photos,gallery, videos, music, messages, contacts, call history, Whatsapp messages etc. from Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge/S7/S7 Edge/S8+,the second Android data recovery also works well with other broken Samsung Galaxy,like Samsung Galaxy S5/S4/S3, Galaxy Note 4/5/3/2,ect.

This Samsung S6/S7/S8 Data Recovery - Android Data Recovery as the world’s first data recovery supports retrieve deleted data from Galaxy S6 edge/S7/S8 smartphone. Once lost data on your Samsung phone,the data recovery for Android allows you scan and get lost data back directly.You no need to connect the SD Card inside of your smart phone to scan them,the only thing you need to do is connencting the Samsung phone to a computer,then scan all your deleted data from Galaxy S6/S6 edge/S7, including contacts, text messages, photos, videos, music, documents and WhatsApp history. You can preview and select needed files for retrieval. With Samsung Data Recovery, you won’t worry about data losing when your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge was broken or smashed.

Download Win Download Mac

Key Features of Android Data Recovery


Easy Way to Get Back Lost Files from Galaxy S7/S6

Step 1: Stop Updating or Transferring data on your Samsung Galaxy S6/S7
Once your Android data was lost, remember not to operate your Android phone or update anything. Otherwise, your backup file will be overwritten and what you deleted accidentally can not be extracted back any longer.

Step 2: Connect your Galaxy S6/S7 to the computer
Then please connect your Samsung phone to the computer via a USB.

connect Galaxy S6/S7 to PC

Tips: You can also use this new features to recover data from broken Samsung S6,or retrieve photos, videos and other media files from the SD card inside of your Galaxy S6/S7.

Step 3: Enable USB debugging on Device
If your Samsung device isn't detected by the program, you need to enable USB debugging on your phone. Check what Android OS is your Samsung and then choose the right way to open USB debugging follow below steps:

For Android OS 2.3 or earlier: Go to Settings – Applications – Development – USB debugging.
For Android OS 3.0 – 4.1: Find Settings – Developer options – USB debugging.
For Android OS 4.2 and newer: Enter Settings – About phone – Tab Build number for 7 times until you see the messages "You are under developer mode” – Go back to Settings – Developer options – USB debugging.

Enable USB Debugging on S7

After this step is finished, you will probably see a pop-up screen asking you to allow USB debugging, click "OK" on your phone so as the program can detect it.

allow to connect

Step 4: Select File Types You Want to Get Back
Different types of Android files can be chose to be scan, it will, with no doubt, save your time. If you lost almost every type of Samsung data, you can tick "Select all" to have all your Galaxy data scanned.

select data to scan from s7

Allows the program to scan your S6,S7 devices by tap "Allow/Grant/Authorize" on your Samsung phone.

click allows for android

Step 5: Analyze and Scan your Galaxy S6 edge for the lost data
Once your Samsung is detected, the program will ask you to click the "Start" button to start analyzing your phone's data.

After the program finishes analyzing process, it will prompt you turn back to your device again to accept and tap on the "Allow" button to permit the program to scan the lost contacts, SMS, photos and videos on your Samsung device.

scan S6/S7 for lost data

Note: Before starting, please make sure that your phone battery is more than 20% charged.

Step 6: Preview and Recover Deleted Files from Samsung Galaxy S6/S7
After finishing the scanning process, a list of recoverable files that have been found from your Samung will be shown. In addition, there will be a preview window of files where you can preview the contacts, SMS and photos from Samsung device. Marck those you want and click "Recover". You can selectively save them on your computer.

Recover Lost Pictures on Galaxy S6/S7

In the scan results,all lost pictures are found and display for you,then click "Gallery" and "Picture Library" to preview them.Finally, click "Recover" button to save the deleted pictures on computer.

Restore deleted photos from Galaxy S6/S7

Recover Lost Contacts from Galaxy S6/S7

When your samsung contacts disappeared.In this scan results,you can see all contacts can be retrieved by select "Contacts" item,then click "Recover" button to get lost contacts back and save them on computer as as VCF, CSV or HTML format.

Recover contacts on Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Retrieve Deleted Text Messages from Galaxy S6/S7

A list of recoverable SMS that have been found from your Samsung phone will be displayed in the left pane. Select "Messages" and check one by one and select those items you want to recover and save them to your computer by click "Recover" button,all missing text messages will be save on your computer as CSV, HTML format.

Recover SMS from Galaxy S6/S7

Step 6 Back up Your Galaxy S6/S7 data to Protect the Files
You can try to back up your Android data frequently to prevent your Android phone data from losing.To backup your Samsung Galaxy S6/S7,please learn more:
How to backup and restore Samsung Galaxy S6/S7

Here you have finish the 6 steps of how to recover deleted data from an Samsung device, is it easy and wonderful? Just download the powerful Android Phone Data Recovery software to have a try.

Download Win Download Mac

Tips:All recoverable data will saved on your computer,then you can use this Samsung Galaxy S6/S7 Manager to import them to your phone for viewing.


Another Samsung S6/S7 Data Recovery Recommend

Here,we also recommend you another Samsung Galaxy S6/S7 data recovery - Android toolkit,which not only allows you recover data from Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 edge/S7/S7 edge directly,but also helps you retrieve data from broken Android Samsung phones/tables; backup and restore your Android data on computer; root Samsung Galaxy S7/S6/S5; Erase Samsung data permanently and other features,please select what features you need.

To recover lost data from Samsung Galaxy S6/S7 with Android Toolkit.First of all, download and install the Android tool kit on your computer,it's a Android Samsung data recovery tool.It's not an app it's a Android Device Desktop Manager & Recovery tool.Then select "Data Recovery" to recover Samsung S6/S7 data on computer.

Free download Android toolkit for Windows or Mac and have a try!

Download Win Download Mac

Android Toolkit main interface:

Android tool kit - Galaxy S7/S6 Data Recovery

More About Samsung Galaxy Data Recovery:

Both two best Samsung Galaxy Data Recovery as the world’s best data recovery for Samsung Galaxy S/Note/Ace/J,it can help you recove lost or deleted data from Samsung devices.Actually,no matter your Galaxy phone was broken or smashed, you can restore data on Samsung with professional Data Recovery for Android smart phone,which means that you won’t lose the files/contents stored in your Samsung Galaxy S6/S7, such as contacts, text messages, photos, videos, music, documents and Whatsapp history.

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