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How to Recover Deleted or Lost Contacts from iPhnoe directly

publinshed by
sophia L yad at
March 10,2015

You may keep a large number of business and personal contacts on your iPhone. Once lost contacts on your iPhone 6/5S/5C/5/4S/4/3GS , or deleted contacts on your iPhone by careless,your job as well as daily life will be impacted more or less. One of several advantages to make use of iPhone is the fact that iTunes may automatically back up your iPhone contacts and update it when you synchronize it. Which means you obviously have a large possiblity to recover iPhone lost contacts through iTunes back-up.

Accidentally deleted contacts from iPhone? Have a broken iPhone or even lost your iDevice? Lost your iPhone contacts after upgrading to iOS 9/iOS 8? No matter why your data’s in jeopardy, this use guide teach you how to get your iPhone contacts back in three ways with the help of two powerful iPhone Contacts Recovery.

Recovering lost and deleted contacts from an iPhone directly with two iPhone Data Recovery

    Part 1: Recover iPhone Contacts with Dr.Fone iPhone data recovery

    Part 2: Restore iPhone Contacts with FoneLab iPhone Data Recovery

Part 1: Recover iPhone Contacts with Dr.Fone iPhone data recovery

The first iPhone data recovery: Dr.Fone iPhone Data Recovery for Windows and Dr.Fone iPhone Data Recovery for Mac,both can help you recover all lost contacts on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, including the iPhone 6/5S/5/4S/4 and iOS 8/ iOS 9.This iPhone data recovery provides you three ways to recover contacts directly from your iPhone, iTunes or iCloud backup file. Either way, you can clearly preview all lost or deleted contacts before recovery, and selectively recover whatever only what you want—something you can't do with iTunes!

Download the free trial version below for taking a try.

The Key Features of Dr.Fone iPhone Data Recovery:

-Newly support data recovery from iCloud backup and encrypted iTunes backup.
-Restore iPhone lost data, like photos, videos, contacts, messages, notes, call log, voicemail, voice memos, calendars, reminders, etc.
-Recover data from apps like iPhoto, iMovie, Flickr, Kindle, Instagram, and more.
-Works for iPhone 6/5S/5C/5/4S/4/3GS, all iPads and iPod touch 5/4.
-Recover iPhone data lost due to accidental or intentional deletion, device damage or system crash, etc.

3 ways to recover lost contacts data from iPhone

Way 1: Directly scan and recover deleted/lost contacts from iPhone 6/5S/5/4S/4

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to the computer
If you don’t lose your iPhone, you can even utilize this method to retrieve your contacts. Connect your iPhone towards the pc and run the Dr.Fone for IOS, you’ll see the main window as follows, and start scan.
Note: For iPhone 4/3GS users, you need switch to an Advanced Mode through the button at the lower-right corner, it’ll work the same way as the normal way does.

Recover iphone lost contacts, Recover contacts from iphone - main screenshot
From then on, the program will automatically start scanning your iPhone for lost contacts.

Restore iphone contacts, Restore contacts from iphone - scanning iPhone Contacts
Step 2. Preview and recover iPhone lost contacts
Following the scan, you are able to preview all discovered data before recovery. Select “Contacts” to preview, mark it and click “Recover”, you can save all the contents on your pc with one click.

Recover iPhone deleted Contacts, Recover lost contacts from iPhone 6

Notice: Data discovered here contains deleted data and those still on your iPhone. In case you just want back your deleted ones, you are able to refine the scan result using the slide button at bottom to only display deleted items.

Way 2: Scan and extract iTunes backup to restore iPhone contacts

This specific iPhone contacts recovery software allows you to recover contacts on iPhone from your backup files on iTunes, regardless of you’re using iPhone 6/5S/5C/5/4S/4/3GS or perhaps the earlier versions, or even you just lost your iPhone. It will also help to get the contacts back on your pc. Apart from contacts, it also can help find back your previous TEXT MESSAGE, Notes, Calendar and Call History, and even lost photos and videos.

Step 1. Scan the backup file
No matter you just lost your iPhone or you still keep it inside your hands, don’t to connect or synchronize it with iTunes, in order to avoid the back-up file from being updated and replaced by the contacts on your iPhone now.
In case you have synced different iDevices with iTunes before, and then all the back-up files will probably be listed out. Just simply select the one you lost, or the one which you lost your contacts, and start to “Start Scan” to go.

Retrieve iphone contacts, Recover contacts from iphone 5s, Recover deleted contacts from iTunes backup

Step 2. Recover iPhone contacts
The scan just goes a couple of seconds. All of the contents from your back-up file will be shown in details. You are able to read the content right now, no matter from the Contacts, but also from the Messages, Call History, Notes, and you also can preview the particular photographs and videos contained on your iPhone.

To recover the contacts, check the box in front of the Contacts and hit on the “Recover” button, then you can certainly save the information on your Macintosh now. And also you may recover other data, in case you have a need.

iPhone Contacts Recovery - Recover Contacts on iPhone

Free download the Dr.Fone iPhone Data Recovery:

How iTunes back up your iPhone contacts

As being an iPhone user, just who is likely to manage the content of iPhone using iTunes, have to know that iTunes backs up almost everything of your iPhone first when you synchronize with it. This is the awesome point once you lost your contacts from iPhone. The bad point is the back-up file is just not normal file type, but a SQlitedb file, that is not permitted to preview, even access. Oftentimes it’s protected, only for private safe.

Part 2: Restore iPhone Contacts with FoneLab iPhone Data Recovery

There exists certainly 3 ways, however, you require an FoneLab iPhone iPad Data Recovery for Windows or FoneLab iPhone iPad Data Recovery(Mac), which provide 3 ways to restore lost iPhone contacts, also can help you to recover photos, text messages, Note, Video, Call logs, Memos and Calendars, even Safari bookmarks from iPhone, iPad directly or iTunes/iCloud backup.

download ios data recovery    download ios data recovery for mac
Step 1: Connect your iPhone to Windows computer or Mac
First connect your iPhone to your computer. This iPhone iPad data recovery offers not only one recovery modes for you to restore lost contacts from iPhone: recover from iOS device directly and recover from iTunes backup file.

Directly recover lost contacts data from iPhone

get back lost contacts from iPhone: restore contacts data from iOS device directly
Restore iPhone contacts from iTunes backup

Restore phone numbers back from iTunes backup
Step 2: Scan Click Start Scan. All the data in your iPhone will be scanned out and listed in the right panel.

Restore lost/deleted iPhone 6 contacts directly
Step 3: Recover lost/deleted iPhone contacts

Select Contacts in the left pane and your contacts list will be displayed in the right panel. You can choose one item to see the detailed information. The lost/deleted contacts will be displayed in red. You can turn on toggle switch to only display the deleted item(s). Check the lost/deleted items you want to recover, select CSV, HTML or VCF format you want to save your contacts list as, and then click "Recover" button to start the process.

recover contacts from iTunes backup file

Backup iPhone Contacts before Upgrading or Jail-breaking

Before you upgrade or jailbreak your iOS devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, don't forget to backup your iOS data from loss because you never know what will happen when upgrading or jailbreaking your device. For example, upgrading to an old iOS version may result in deletion of all multimedia tracks as well as pictures in the Camera Roll. Although Apple claims that their beta testers have been putting iOS 9 through its paces for months, but better safe than sorry. If you are intending to turn your devices into iOS 9, be sure to copy all your files from loss. But how to backup iOS files? Editor here recommend you two methods: save iOS data with iTunes backup or backup iOS device data with iPhone Data Manager ( iPhone Data Transfer software ). But we highly recommend you the second way. Why? FoneLab for iOS can recover all data (some data you may delete before, but this software can find them back!) from iOS devices. Backup data with iTunes allows you just save current files of iOS devices.