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How to copy files from computer to iPhone or iPad?

publinshed by
sophia L yad at
March 10,2015

Copy files from computer to iPhone or iPad as if it were a USB disk or flash disk?Connecte ipad to the computer with cable, the computer will not pop up a hard disk!

If you transfer files from computer to iPhone or iPad with iTunes,it is very difficult to copy a single files to your iPhone/iPad,every times you scync,you have to spend a lot of time to wait for a simple operationWhat's worse,you will sync fail,all your important may lost!

With iPad iPhone iPod File Explorer,you can copy,transfer files from computer to iPhone or iPad as if it were a USB disk or flash disk,this iPad iPhone iPod File Explorer is the most useful iOS device Manager,you can easily to Bowser,Copy and Remove files for iPad, iPhone, iPod as if it were USB disk.

Notes: You can Transfer files from iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch to Computer,vice versa(computer to iOS device)

How to use iPad iPhone iPod File Explorer to copy,transfer files from computer to iPhone or iPad?

Download the trial version of Windows iPad/iPhone Files Explorer and try to transfer files from computer to iPad.


In this article, I’ll teach you through the easy ways you can transfer files from Computer to new iPad.

1. Install iPad iPhone File Explorer on you Computer (install onto Windows if you use Windows computer).
Notice: iPad File Explorer requires you have iTunes 8 or above (iTunes 11 recommended) and .NET Framework 4.0 installed on you system. And to install .NET framework 4.0, the minimum requirement is windows XP SP3.

2.Connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer via USB connection cable
Whenever it detects any iOS device, device information is displayed

3.You will see you files on iPhone / iPad
If you want to access the real "root" of the iPhone / iPad device, you need to have your iPad / iPhone jailbroken, otherwise, you can only copy files to and from the storage.

Step 4: Select the folder you want to put the files in.

Step 5: Right click on the selected folder and select "Upload Files..." to choose files from your computer to iPad/iPhone.

Introduce buttons and information area:
"Device" - This button is only available for iPhone or iPad device with jailbreaking, shows the real root of the file system.
"Storage" - This button allows to show contents of user storage, like photos and other information. It's for iPhone / iPad with or without jailbreaking.

"Preview" - Preview selected file manually. (Only supported files can be previewed)
"Rename" - Rename selected file or folder
"Download To..." - Copy selected folders and files to Computer
"Upload Files..." - Copy files to current selected folder on iPhone/iPad
"Upload Directory..." - Copy folder on PC (including subfolders and files ) to iPhone / iPad
"Delete" - Delete selected folders and files on iPhone / iPad (Be careful that this operation cannot be recovered)

Notes:If you want to transfer files from iPhone/iPad to computer for backup,you can click"Download To.."


iPad/iPhone File Explorer is also professional iPad Browser software and manage files & folders easily.Preview,Manage photo, music & video files directly on your iOS device. And it can work with iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch devices with or without jailbreaking.