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Why Apple Want to Push iPhone 6C?

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After the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus launch, iPhone 7 will undoubtedly become the industry's most anticipated smartphone. However, before the iPhone 7 release, more and more news claiming Apple will launch a four-inch screen "dessert machine" iPhone 6c in the first half of next year, as an alternative to 2013's "cheap version" iPhone 5C. The following detailes the explanation of the reasons for Apple wants to launch iPhone 6C.

Why Apple Want to Push iPhone 6C

iPhone 6c may continue 4-inch screen

Although Apple has never confirmed the existence of over iPhone 6C, but gradually the exposure of the information point let us understand some of the details of iPhone 6C from the side. Recently, China Mobile announced the presentation of new products, we also see the news about Apple's new iPhone will launch around April next year.

I do not know the new machine specific model, but according to the analysis, this phone is likely to be the rumored iPhone 6C. In addition, China Mobile gives estimated price of 3,000 yuan, and perhaps the same as the previous iPhone 5C strategy, this cheap iPhone 6c did not seem so close to the people.

On the other configuration, iPhone 6C maybe replaced with all-metal body design, the continuation of iPhone 5C 4-inch screen, and added 2.5D arc glass. To enhance competitiveness, the internal processor may still use TSMC and Samsung OEM A9 processor, equipped with 8-megapixel rear camera. Moreover, iPhone 6c perhaps Touch ID fingerprint recognition and support NFC technology to provide gray, silver, gold and other mainstream color options.

This is said to have prepared the production of 6C internal code-named N69, the first will be around April next year with the second-generation Apple Watch debut together, the price will be between 400-500 US dollars (2600 yuan -3200 yuan).

Apple 6s sales bottlenecks

In the smart phone industry is relatively saturated today, the resistance of the high-end market is particularly large. September this year, listed iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus With the mainland starting and continuing the sale and other factors, although obtained on sale three days sold 13 million results, but then did not seem optimistic about sales.

Pressure from two aspects. First, from IDC released the second quarter given the mobile phone data, Apple accounted for 14.1% of the share, but it fell to 13.5 percent in the third quarter. On the other hand the pressure from the supply chain. According to Barron's reported, taking into account the market share decline, Apple is the iPhone Component Order 6S and 6S Plus 15% cut, but also there is news that Apple will sell target again to make adjustments, developed from the previous 80 million Q4 -9000 million to 65 million -7000 million.

Product level, Apple has taken is the size of the policy, that is released iPhone 6 is a bumper year, iPhone 6s even small year. Year brought little benefit is that it gives Apple more time to accumulate a flagship research the phone, but its negative effect is a chain reaction triggered by the continued decline in sales. Now Apple seems to have an adjustment period among, if not the iPhone 6c, they can only hope that in September 2016 to re-release iPhone 7 usher sale peak.

Jobs recalled in an interview before the media, said Apple's philosophy does not value the market share, the pursuit of core competitiveness and high profit is the ultimate iPhone product design, but now Apple under Cook leadership has replaced the idea of the market share will inevitably become a battleground.

In short, in order to win more time iPhone 7, Apple introduced the first half of next year with the amount of a "cheap" iPhone 6c also makes sense.

iPhone 6C price is the key

With the introduction of iPhone 6c opened the flagship product of thinking is actually not wrong, but Apple iPhone 5C to pay attention to lessons learned. Prior 5C/5s together with the launch, but decreased in the configuration. To everyone's surprise, however, 5C licensed mainland starting price was as high as 4,488 yuan, compared to many Android phones appear to be no advantage.

Despite iPhone 5C design aside, when many consumers will spend Why not entangled in the 800 yuan to buy an iPhone 5S it, but also more than a metal body and fingerprint recognition this killer feature, apparently iPhone 5C The pricing strategy is to be considered, which also became its ultimately failed to sell large stumbling block. Can be predicted that the future if the iPhone 6C price can be set at 3,000 yuan file is bound to get with Android phones contest the price of capital, coupled with the strength of good hardware, it will get more cost-effective to pursue users.

There are a little more important, there are bound to be genuinely iPhone 6C eliminated even before the iPhone 5c iPhone 5S, but in the future and how to make the old model iPhone 6 separates issues Apple needs is a key consideration. Although digital products generally do not buy the old buy new, but Apple product systems experience a high degree of similarity between the level will still close the gap between the new and the old product of.

Now still insist on 4-inch screen, and it seems that only Apple, after all, they have a small screen phone successful experience. 4-inch screen for some students and the presence of attractive female users.

However, given the changing market trends, when the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus release just by virtue of increasing the size of the screen to get such a huge user acceptance, which is confirmed from the side of the people's choice is changing direction. So, the ideal size of 4 inches of iPhone 6C whether or not the user in mind, the market remains to be further considered.

At the same time, competitors from Android open four inches long and turn to the market and more than 5 inches screen size. Although this would be such a small screen iPhone 6C products continued to pressure, but also reduces the iPhone 6C invisible in the 4-inch screen in the field of competition.

Andrews seize market share breakdown

IDC currently published from 2015 the share of mobile operating system point of view, Android is still based on 52.61 percent occupy first place, while iOS is a 40.28% share. In the Windows Phone and BlackBerry clinches out situation, Apple now the main goal is to win market share in the Android.

Today, smart phones scalability rapidly, from the initial communication tools to the current mobile Internet devices, intelligent machines on the functions and services have been doing addition. Currently Apple and Samsung have announced the launch of mobile payment services CUP, next year is not difficult to expect Apple and Google's contest will be gradually extended to the Apple Pay and Android Pay ecological level of competition. Apple To get beat Google, let iPhone 6C such cheap products is the only way to win more users.

In addition to the product itself, the world's mobile phone users are largely restricted to the replacement cycle sales trend. In 2015, overall shipments of smart phones this year to slow a growing number of users who already have more than smartphones, so replacement demand inevitably continue to decline. iPhone 6c if not an absolute tipping point not stimulate that part of the Android user "betrayal" of the old club.

Brand perspective, Apple has now four inches, 4.7 inches, 5.5 inches three types of iPhone for users to choose, select the face, although very broad, but the main different market segments, while there will inevitably be differences because of the different positioning of the three affected to own part of the brand value, which of course is Apple not want to see problems.

Perhaps the turning point for the future is that whether the iPhone really want to reduce the quality of the brand and to compete for low-end Android market?

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