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How to Recover Deleted Text Messages from iPhone 7/7 Plus

publinshed by
Jessica at
Mar, 24 th,2016

[Summary]:Accidentally deleted text messages or iMessages iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus? Learn in our website to get missing messages back from iPhone 7 in 3 ways,no matter you have make your iPhone backup or not.

“I accidentally deleted some text messages on my iPhone 7 plus and they weren't backed up to iCloud or iTunes, I've collected a lot of ways from the Internet, but none of them works. I was told that the messages won't be deleted and are just archived, how can I get lost messages back from iPhone 7 without backed up?" --- Asked by John.

Text messages play an important role in our daily life. If you often use your iPhone device to send and receive SMS/iMessages, you may have a habit of clearing useless messages. For some occasions you just tap the trash can icon accidentally and deleted all your text messages. Thus, it's very likely to delete some important old messages by accident, regretfully. Trying to retrieve deleted text messages on iPhone(iPhone SE/7/6S/6S Plus/6/6 Plus/5S/5/4S/4)?

recover iPhone 7 deleted text messages,iMessages

Use the Spotlight Search Function to Search Deleted Text Messages on iPhone 7

Preview the recently deleted Messages with iOS security flaw

Any perfect system has it’s security flaw,however,when you use the Spotlight Search function to search something,sometimes you can find deleted text messages via Spotlight search feature,this is the iOS security flaw!If you want to find the recently deleted messages back on iPhone,you can enter some words of message that you remember in the Spotlight search box and you'll see the search results show some content related to your search in the search results below,including App messages, notes, contacts, text messages, imessages,to preview existing and recently deleted SMS messages on iPhone,slide to the iMessages App icon and you may find recently deleted text messages.This is the easiest way to preview the message recently deleted, but you can not read the whole message.

How to Search Recently Deleted Text Messages on iPhone 7 with Spotlight

Step 1. Tap and swipe to the right to bring up Spotlight Search from the Home screen.
Step 2. Tap the search bar to enter the information you are searching for.
Step 3. When the search results appear swipe down to scroll through the list to locate the Messages section of the search results.

spotlight search deleted text messages on iPhone 7

Note: When you search using Spotlight, results matching your query will appear from emails, messages, apps, and other content on the iPhone.

Tips: This approach will not necessarily help you find deleted text messages, it depends on how long the messages deleted.And this is just a way of preview. You cannot read the whole message.To recover deleted SMS from iPhone,please keep reading as below,we teach you how to use iPhone Data Recovery scan and recover deleted or lost text messages from iPhone in 3 ways.


Recover Lost Text Messages from Your iPhone by iPhone SMS Recovery

As we all know, when messages are deleted in the iOS text message app, they are simply "marked as deleted" and hidden so that they become invisible to us. Therefore, deleted text messages/iMessages/SMS still stays somewhere on iPhone and you can retrieve them as long as you find those marked and hidden messages contents. Absolutely, this is limited that the deleted messages are not overwritten.

In order to restore all deleted/lost text messages from iPhone 7 device,when you found the messages lost or deleted,please do not use your iPhone,and then use a professional iPhone data recovery scan your iPhone for lost messages.

Here we recommend you this professional iPhone 7 SMS Recovery,which provides you three ways to recover lost text messages from iPhone 7/7 plus,as well as iPhone SE/6S/6/5S/5/4S/4/3GS.What's the three recovery modes? “Scan and retrieve deleted messages from iPhone 7 directly”; “Restore iPhone SMS from iTunes backup files” and “download/extract iPhone text messages from iCloud backup files”. What’s more, it allows you recover other deleted or lost data from iPhone device, such as photos, videos, notes, call history, WhatsApp messages, calendar, contacts, etc. What's more,the iPhone Data Recovery also can help you recover Kik messages, Viber messages, Wechat messages, Skype messages, Line messages and other App data from iPhone and iPad easily. In this article we'll guide you step-by-step to retrieve your iPhone text messages.

Click the icon and free download the trial version:

Download Win Download Mac

Supported iOS devices:

iPhone Series: iPhone SE, iPhone 7, iPhone 6S/6S Plus, iPhone6/6 Plus, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, etc.
iPad Series: iPad Air, iPad mini with Retina display, iPad mini, iPad with Retina display, The new iPad, iPad 2, etc.
iPod Series: iPod Touch 5, iPod Touch 4, etc.
iOS: iOS 6, iOS 7, iOS 8, iOS 9(iOS9.3) and even iOS 10/10.3/10.2/10.1

Key Features About iPhone Data Recovery:


Way 1: How to Recover Deleted Messages from iPhone 7 without Backup

Step 1. Connect your iPhone 7 Device to Computer
After downloading and installing iPhone 7 Data Recovery app on your computer, you can open it and start recovering the deleted messages from iPhone in a few click. And then you need to connect your iPhone device to your PC and click "Recover from an iOS Device".

connect iPhone 7 to computer

Step 2. Select Text Messages You Want to Recover from iPhone 7
Here, you should select "Messages" and "Messages Attachments" then click "Start Scan" button. This scanning time depends on how much data you want to recover, please be patient.

select the data your want to recover

Start Scanning All Deleted or Lost SMS from your iPhone 7

scan iPhone 7 for deleted text messages

Step 3. Preview and Recover iPhone 7 Text Messages Directly
Once the scanning is completed, you can preview the deleted messages, and choose the "Messages" you want to retrieve, and then click the “Recover” button on the bottom-right of the window. Then all selected data can be restored from iPhone device.

recover iPhone 7 SMS

Way 2: How to Restore iPhone 7 Lost Text Messages from iTunes Backup

Tips:This way teach you how to use iPhone 7 data recovery extract lost iPhone data from iTunes backup files,if you have sync your iPhone 7 with iTunes before,the iTunes will backup your iPhone contents to computer as pecific file format automatically,but you need to use third-party iTunes files extractor tool to recover iPhone backup files from iTunes.This way teach you how to restore iPhone 7 text messages from iTunes for example,please keey reading as below.

Step 1. Select the iTunes Recovery Mode
After downloading and running the iPhone Data Recovery tool and there is no need to connect your iPhone 7 to computer. Choose "Recover from iTunes Backup".

recover iPhone 7 SMS from iTunes backup files

Step 2. Select Text Messages to Scan
All your iTunes backup files have been found and displayed. Choose “Text Messages” for your iPhone and click "Start Scan" button to extract all your iPhone 7 backup files from iTunes.

recover iPhone 7 imessages photos from iTunes backup files

Step 3. Preview and Retrieve iPhone 7 SMS,iMessages from iTunes
After scanning, all the content contained in the backup file will be extracted and displayed in categories. You should preview the detailed content carefully and check the "Messages" option and hit the "Recover" to save all the lost SMS on your computer.

recover iPhone 7 lost SMS from iTunes

Way 3: How to Retrieve iPhone 7 Lost Messages from iCloud Backup

Tips:If you have make your iPhone 7 backup with iCloud before,if you device is lost, stolen or damaged,you can use this iPhone 7 Data Recovery get missing messages back from iCloud backup files.

Step 1.Install the Program and Sign in Your iCloud Account
Firstly, run the program on your computer and choose "Recover from iCloud Backup File", then sign in your iCloud account according to its requirements.

recover lost iPhone 7 messages from iCloud

Step 2.Download and Export your iCloud Backup
After entering the program, you are provided the backup files of your iCloud backup account automatically. Choose SMS you want to recover by clicking "Download" button. When completing the above steps, click the same button to start extracting your text messages back to your iPhone device.

restore iPhone 7 text messages from iCloud

select and recover iPhone 7 SMS from iCloud

Step 3.Preview and Restore iPhone 7 Lost SMS from iCloud Backups
You can take a preview of the data you get after the scanning, such as contacts, photos, messages, notes, videos, etc. You can choose “Text Messages” that you'd like to restore by ticking it. Then click on “Recover” button.

recover iPhone 7 SMS from iCloud

You can recover deleted or lost text messages/iMessages/SMS on iPhone according to above three recovery mode. And the recovered text messages (SMS), MMS, iMessages will be either transferred back to iPhone or saved to computer as an .html file and a .csv file.

Always losing iPhone text messages is caused by many different reasons:
1. Wrong operation, e.g. deleting text messages accidentally;
2. Jailbreak your iPhone device;
3. Factory settings restore by tapping on “Erase All Content and Settings” option;
4. Failure to iOS upgrade;
5. iPhone has been lost or stolen;
6. iPhone was damaged, broken, smashed or broken.

Download Win Download Mac

Tips to Search Text Messages with Messages on the iPhone

If you want to restrict your search to only text messages, the method described below is the best.

search sms on iPhone

Step 1. Tap Messages to open the messaging application.
Step 2. While viewing the Messages list swipe down with your finger to expose the search box.

Search text sms messages on iphone

Step 3. Enter the search string in the search box and the results list will automatically update as you type.
When you find the message containing the information you are looking for, simply tap the message to open it.
If you can find the deleted or lost SMS through searching in Messages app,you can learn the use guide as above to recover deleted SMS from iPhone directly; extract and restore iPhone SMS from iTunes/iCloud backup files by the professional iPhone Data Recovery.

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