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How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Android

publinshed by
Si at
Dec 24th 2015

With the development of society, more and more people choose to travel everywhere.Those who would take many photos to remember where they go.People also have a habit to change their phone.If so,they would miss the chance of looking this photos.And they want to transfer photos from iPhone to Android.They need to help.

Don’t worry.Here is a efficient tool--the Phone to Phone Transfer,to give you a hand to copy photos from iPhone 4/4s/5/5s/6/6s to Android,also including contacts,videos,text massages.You can transfer data easily and conveniently.It supports different types of phone to switch,between iPhone and Android,such as Samsung,LG, HTC, Sony, etc.Now you should follow this step if you really want.

You can download the free trial version of Phone to Phone Transfer on your computer first.

Download Win Download Mac

Using Guide to Transfer iPhone Photos to Android

Step 1.Launch the Phone to Phone Transfer on PC after Installation
To start with, you will be asked to run Phone to Phone Transfer on your computer after you download and install it on your computer. Then, select a mode – “Phone to Phone Transfer”.

connect iPhone and Android to PC

Note: You can copy iPhone photos to your Android phone on condition that you have installed iTunes on your computer.

Step 2.Connect iPhone and Android to the Computer via USB Cable
Once you connect both your smart phones to the computer with USB cable,the Phone to Phone Transfer will start detect your iPhone and Android simultaneously and automatically list them as source device and destination device if your devices are detected out successfully.

transfer photos from iPhone to samsung galaxy s6

Note: You can also click “Clear data before copy” when you want to remove all photos on your Android and only save the photos from Android. By the way, if you want to exchange the position of destination device and the source device, you can simply click “Flip” button in the interface.

Step 3.Transfer Pictures from iPhone to Android Phone
After successfully detected, all the transferable data will be displayed in the interface, contacts, SMS, videos, music, photos etc are all included.If you want to copy photos only, you can tick off the box in front of other data. If you have chosen all the data that you want, you can simply click “Start Copy” to begin. Make sure that the USB cables are well connected to the computer during the process. Click “OK” after finishing.

Transfer Pictures from iPhone to Android phone directly

As you see, with these 3 easy steps,your iPhone photos have transferred to your Android seamlessly.With the Phone to Phone Transfer, you can also move videos, SMS, music and contacts as well between smart phones without difficulty. Why not try Phone to Phone Transfer on your own.

Download Win Download Mac

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