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iPhone to Google Pixel: Transfer WhatsApp Conversation to Pixel

publinshed by
Steven at
Oct, 7th,2016

I want to continue with my WhatsApp chat history on my new Google Pixel XL. So my question is how to switch WhatsApp conversation from my old iPhone 5s to the new Pixel XL? Can anyone give me some suggestions? Thank you very much!” ---Ask by Chirstal

If you switched from iPhone to an Android phone like Google Pixel phone, your WhatsApp messages don't automatically come with you when you sign in.Google Pixel Quick Switch Adapter for iPhone and Android supports switch contacts,sms,iMessages from iPhone to Pixel,but it can’t support transfer WhatsApp messages from iPhone to Google Pixel.However,this use guide mainly teach you a easy guide to transfer iPhone WhatsApp conversation from iPhone to Android Pixel,as well as Samsung Galaxy S7/S6/S5, HTC One M9/M8, Nexus 6p/6/5X and other Android phone.

The iPhone to Android WhatsApp Transfer,is one of feature of iOS Data Recovery,which allows new Android users transfer all the WhatsApp chats, videos, photos and audios from iPhone to Android Google Pixel phone. By the way, it will replace the existing WhatsApp data.When you have bought a new Pixel or Pixel XL,you can free download this WhatsApp Messages Transfer for iPhone and Android to move all WhatsApp chat messages with photos, videos and audios attachments from iPhone to Android phone directly.What’s more,the program also allows you backup WhatsApp messages, photos, videos from iPhone to computer,and restore to iOS devices or other Android devices.Let’s teach you the easy method to switch WhatsApp data from iOS phone to Android Google Pixel phone directly.

Just free download the iPhone to Android WhatsApp Transfer program and try to merge WhatsApp data to Google Pixel phone from iPhone.

Download Win Download Mac

How to Switch WhatsApp Messages from iPhone to Google Pixel

First of all,please download and run the program on your computer,then click “More”>>”iOS WhatsApp Transfer,Backup & Restore”,you can see the software interface as below.

iPhone to Samsung WhatsApp Messages Transfer

It contain four features:

-Transfer WhatsApp Messages
Transfer WhatsApp messages from iOS devices to iOS device or Android device(For iPhone to Google Pixel Transfer process,please click this feature)

-Backup WhatsApp Messages
-Backup iOS WhatsApp messages to computer and export photos,videos in WhatsApp chat history

Restore WhatsApp messages to iOS device
-View and restore the iOS WhatsApp backup file to iOS device

Restore WhatsApp messages to Android device
-View and restore the iOS WhatsApp backup file to Android device(If you have make iPhone WhatsApp data backup before by this program,can you restore the WhatsApp backup files to your new Google Pixel)

Step 1.Connect iPhone and Google Pixel to Computer via USB cable
To switch WhatsApp messages,chat history including photos and videos from iPhone to Android Google Pixel,please connect both iPhone and Google Pixel to computer with USB cable,then click “Transfer WhatsApp Messages” option that is available in the tool list.The Source name you will receive as your old iPhone name and destination will be your New Google Pixel phone.

WhatsApp messags iPhone to Google Pixel

Note: In this step you will be able to do with both iOS device/any model iPhone or iPad to another iOS device/any model iPhone or iPad device and to iOS device/any model iPhone or iPad device to an Android device.

Step 2.Confirm and Ready Transfer WhatsApp Messages from iPhone to Pixel/Pixel XL

Once connected your mobile from will get noticed by them, thereafter you will set to see a window as follows,then click “Transfer” button ready to move all WhatsApp data from your old iPhone to Google Pixel.

transfer WhatsApp messages from iPhone to Google Pixel

In this step you will receive a pop up for confirming where to proceed with this action In case if you wish to proceed then you click on “Yes” to confirm this action in case if you still wish to move forward. Post your confirmation the transfer process actually starts.

Tips:Transfer all WhatsApp chat history from iPhone to Googe Pixel phone,then existing WhatsApp chat history on your Google phone will be rewritten and erased,so you need to backup them if you need.

Step 3.Begin to Transfer WhatsApp Messages from iPhone to Google Pixel/XL
Just waiting for the transfer processing,when iOS Data Recovery have transferred all WhatsApp conversations to the Google Pixel phone. Now you can open WhatsApp on your Google Pixel device. Then log into your WhatsApp account and restore WhatsApp conversations to the Android device.

transfer WhatsApp Conversation iPhone to Pixel

Note: You will receive an indication (red line) while this process is started, “the Whatsapp chat history on your device will be wiped out“. This is for your notice. Not only these messages will be getting noticed,the program will also be able to see all the steps process displayed to you. This is an added advantage since you can identify what action in running currently.

Step 4.Restore WhatsApp Images and Videos to Google Pixel
iOS Data Recovery also can help you backup all WhatsApp conversations and restore to WhatsApp photos and videos to the Google Pixel. Now you can open WhatsApp on your Google Pixel. Then log into your WhatsApp account and restore WhatsApp chat history to the Android phone.

Free download the program and have a try!

Download Win Download Mac

When you are finished with all your transfers then finally you can disconnect your iPhone and Google Pixel phone and you will be able view the moved data on your new Google Pixel phone.

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