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Hello, my name is Christine, and actually, I am a seniority on the android and ios data recovery. Circle and text me if you have any problem about your phones or tablets.
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Recover Deleted Photos/Videos from Samsung in Black Screen

publinshed by
Chirstina at
April, 2nd, 2017

"Yesterday,I just updated my Samsung Galaxy S6 to Android 6.0.Suddenly my phone stuck in blank screen when I rebooted the phone,since the phone stuck in blank I have to factory reset the Samsung Galaxy S6. But there are a lots of important photos and videos stored in my phone,how to fix Samsung Galaxy S6 black screen of death issue and recover photos and videos from the phone?Tell me how to do please!"

I don’t know what happen,my Samsung Galaxy S6 edge is on but screen is black after phone got dropped,how to fix black screen after turning on my Samsung Galaxy S6 edge?Any third-party broken Samsung data recovery tool to recover photos, contacts and messages from the blank screen Samsung phone?Thank you!

If you have make your Samsung phone backups with the help of Samsung Kies,it should be an easy job to restore the previous photos and videos from an black screen Samsung phone.But if you don’t, you must to use a third-part Broken Android Data Extraction tool to fix blank screen, broken screen, crashed screen, frozen or locked Samsung phone to normal and extract the photos and videos for backup on computer.

Broken Android Data Extraction is designed to fix bricked Android phone to normal without data loss,it also can help you recover lost photos and videos from Samsung Galaxy S6/S5/S4/S3/Note with blank screen/black screen/broken screen/disable touch screen, etc. Just connect your problematic Samsung phone to computer,then using the Broken Android Data Extraction program fix your blank-screen, black-screen, frozen, crashed, virus-attack, screen-locked phone to normal and recover files from it.Read on and see how to fix blank screen Samsung Galaxy S6 and perform photos/videos recovery in details.

Download the free trial version of this broken Android data recovery & fix program and follow the steps to get lost videos/photos back from Samsung Galaxy with Black screen.

Download Win Download Mac

Fix and Recover Deleted Pictures/Videos from Samsung in Black Screen

If your Samsung Galaxy S or Note mobile phone stuck in blank screen of death or turns black,but the computer can detect it.Don’t worry,the Broken Android Phone Data Extraction can help you fix it and extract photos/videos and other files from the broken phone.

Step 1.Connect the Blank Screen Samsung S6 to Computer

First of all,please downloading and launch Broken Android Data Extraction(an Android data recovery program) on your Windows computer.If you use Macbook,please download the Android Data Recovery(Mac),but the Mac version does not support extract data from the broken phone,Android data recovery for Mac versional just supported recoverring lost or deleted data from Android without broken.

Download Win Download Mac

Then connect the blank screen Samsung Galaxy S6 to PC. You will see the below interface, and then locate "Broken Android Phone Data Extraction" and then click "start" button.

connect blank screen phone with computer

Tips:If you want to fix your blank screen Android phone at first,please click “Fix Device” function,this feature can help you fix frozen, crashed, black-screen, virus-attack, screen-locked Android phone to normal without data loss when your Android phone is broken/bricked, or gets stuck in black screen/Fonego screen/vendor screen and so on.
You can learn: How to fix Samsung phone with blank/black screen

fix samsung phone with blank screen

Step 2.Choose Your Samsung S6 Phone Model

To fix Samsung Galaxy S6 with blank/black screen of death and recover photos back fromit,in this step,please choose your Galaxy S6 model and phone name,then click "confirm" button go to next step.

select Samsung Galaxy S6 phone model

Currently,the broken Android data extraction function supports the broken Samsung Galaxy S6 models including SM-G9200, SM-G920F, SM-G920P, SM-G920T, SM-G925F, SM-G925P, SM-G925T, SM-G928P, SM-G928T,please select your phone model and confirm it.

Step 3. Get Samsung Phone Into Download Model

Follow the three steps to enter download mode: Power off your Samsung phone > Press and hold the Volume down, Home and Power button > Press the Volume up button to enter the Download mode.

enter download model

Step 4.Analyze Broken Device and Download Recovery Package

The program will start to download recovery package once you entered the Download mode. After that, the selected data stored in the device will be scanned out.

download recovery package for the blank screen phone

Tips:Afer downloading recovery package for your blank phone complete,the program will fix your blank Samsung phone to normal automatically.

Note: Have trouble with this step? If you fail to finish the analyzing and scanning process somehow, here is how to fix it: click on "Exit download mode" to get back to the home page first and then go to "Fix Device" to try again.

Step 5. Scan Your Black Screen Samsung for Lost Photos

After download recovery package and fix your blank screen phone to normal.Soon, the software will scan your Samsung phone for all lost,deleted and the existing data.In this step,please wait patiently until the scanning process done.

scan photos from samsung with blank screen

Step 6.View and Recover Photos/Videos from Samsung Galaxy with Blank Screen

After scanning,all data display for you.Then select the “Gallery” “Pictures Library” and “Videos” item on the left side of the column to find the photos and videos that you want to get bakc.Finally,just click "Recover" button to save them on computer.

recover deleted photos from Samsung Galaxy with blank screen

Free download the Broken Android Phone Data Extraction and try to fix your bricked phone and recover data back.

Download Win Download Mac

Only simply steps,you have got all photos and videos back from blank screen Samsung phone,all photos/videos retrieved and save on the computer,you can use this Samsung Desktop Manager or Samsung Kies, Samsung Switch to import the files from comptuer to your Samsung or other Android devices.

Avoid similar things happen in the future:
1.Backup your Android data to computer regularly,including photos, videos, contacts, SMS and other important infor.
2.Saving the taking photos/videos to the SD card.
3.Wear a mobile phone protective film and mobile phone case,if the phone is dropped,the phone screen will not be damaged
3.Use this Broken Android Data Extraction program to extract data back and fix the broken phone if unexpected accident happen.

How to Fix Samsung Galaxy Black screen Issue

If your Samsung Galaxy S7/S6/S5 screen still won’t turn on,or phone screen stays black/blank,you can perform wipe cache partition in the Android recovery

mode to restore the Android system.But this method will cuase all data lost or deleted,so we recommend you follow the tutorial as above to fix your blank/black screen phone to normal by Broken Android Data Extraction.

If you do not care if your data is lost after perform wipe cache partition on Samsung phone,please follow the step-by-step guide to wipe cache partition in the Android recovery mode.

Perform Wipe Cache Partition to Fix Blank Screen Phone

Step 1.Turn off your Samsung phone and press and hold down the Power, Volume up and the Home buttons together.
Step 2.After the beautiful Samsung logo appears you should see a blue recovery text at the top.
Step 3.Use the Volume up and down keys to navigate in the Recovery menu. and mark the entry “Wipe cache partition”.
Step 4.Start it with the Power button and finish the process with “Reboot system now” and you done.

Perform Wipe Cache Partition on Samsung S7

If your friend's Samsung Galaxy phone screen won’t turn on,please share this useful tutorial to your Facebook or Google+ for those in need.

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