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Completely Wipe Old iPad Data for Selling and Buy a new iPad Pro

publinshed by
sophia L yad at
March 10,2015

“My name is Kate. Three years ago, my father bought a iPad for me , but now I think it is out of date, so I want to sell it, and then buy a new iPad Pro. Before I sell it I had made it back to the factory settings. But my friend said that this data is not completely deleted, these data can also be restored by some software.I feel troublesome.Please tell me, what should I do? Is there any software that can completely wipe old iPad data for Selling?”

To ensure that the deleted data on your old iPad cannot be recovered by any data recovery app,and buy a new iPad Pro, a reliable data delete tool is in needed, here I strongly recommend a ios data eraser,it is a powerful software, which can help iPad users to completely and permanently delete iPad contacts, text messages, photos, videos and more. All the erased files are 100% unrecoverable. iPad Data Eraser is compatible with old iPad 1/2/3/4 or iPad Air 1/2, as well as iPad pro, iPhone 6s/6 and iPod touch.

Completely wipe on old iPad data with this iPhone iPad Data Eraser software or iPhone iPad Data Eraser for Mac,which allows you completely wipe contacts, sms, photos, videos, notes, Apple ID,ect from iPad, it support wipe ipad data for selling, as well as iPhone or iPad within several clicks. Then all your data are gone forever.

Free download the iOS Data Eraser:

delete iphone photo    mac iphone data eraser
How to Completely Wipe old iPad Data for Selling

Step 1. Run the data eraser tool and Connect iPad to Computer
Please free download the ios data eraser and then connect your iPad to the computer via a USB cable,then you will see the software main interface as below,your iPad
will be detected by the data eraser program automatically.

Wipe Old iPad Data before Selling and Buy a new iPad Pro

Step 2. Choose Lever of Data Erasing as Needed
The program offers three different levels of data erasing for your choice. The first level will erase your iPad data quickly to save your time. The second level will
leave no traceability of data erasure and use random data to overwrite all existing and deleted data on your iPad. The third level is the most secure but time-
consuming option which will write over the data 3 times. You can directly use the default second level.

Erase Old iPad Data before Selling and Buy a new iPad Pro

If you've choose "ERASE DELETED FILES", then the iPhone/iPad/iPod Data Eraser tool will scan your device, displaying all the files you've deleted.

Afer scanning deleted files, you can select unwanted data to erase.

delete files on old iPad air permanently and selling

Step 3. Start to Erase All iPad Data
After above settings, what you need to do is just clicking the button of "erase all data and settings" and then the program will delete all data from your iPad
immediately. After a few seconds, all data will be erased permanently from your iPad.

wipe data on ipad air and purchase a iPad pro

Complete erasing iPad data:
After erasing data with this program, you will get a totally "clean slate" iPad with no data on it at all. By taking the time to wipe data from your device before selling it, you will not only protect your private data from revealing, but also provide better experience for the next owner. Hope this article helps!

Free download the iOS Data Eraser:

delete iphone photo    mac iphone data eraser

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