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How to recover photo video file from damage SD Card Memroy Card?

publinshed by
sophia L yad at
March 10,2015

SD card (Secure Digital Memory Card) Chinese translated as the Secure Digital Card, is a kind of based on the the the a new generation of memory of of the the semiconductor flash memory device equipment, It is widely in the portable on the device use, for example, as digital cameras, personal Digital Assistant (PDA) (PDA)and multimedia players and so on. SD card in by the with the Japan Panasonic, Toshiba, SanDisk Corporation and the United States of America August 1999 jointly developed. On size of the of the SD memory card of the Like a postage stamp, weight only 2 grams, but it has the the capacity of the high memory, fast data transfer rate, a a great deal of the mobile flexibility, as well as a very good security sexual.

To recover lost data or deleted files from SD Card,you need to use a professional SD Card Data Recovery software, this data recovery for SD card, Memory card allows you restore all kinds of lost files from SD card,such as photo, video, music and other lost data.Now you can free download and have a try:

How to recover lost data from SD Card/Memroy Card

Step 1. Connect the SD card to a computer or Macbook.

After run the SD card data recovery on your Mac or Windows computer, and then click "Start" button in the start interface as follow.

Step 2. Choose the SD card you need to recover, and then click "Scan" button to search lost photo, video, music and other lost files from your SD card.

Step 3. After scan you SD card,you will see all the lost files from your SD Card,then select which files you need to recover.However, before you recover them, it allows you preview them.

Free download the SD Card data recovery:


Tips: If you also want to recover documents more than videos, photos and audio files, such as Office documents, PDF files, Archives, Emails, etc. from computer or other devices, you need to choose the higher version: Data Recovery tool or Data Recovery for Mac, which does more than the Photo Recovery.