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How to Transfer Contacts from Samsung to New Samsung

publinshed by
Christina at
March 10,2015

Summary:This article teach Samsung users how to switch contacts from old Samsung phone to new Samsung phone when they have purchased a new Galaxy S/Note/A/J smartphone.

Many Samsung fans want to buy a new Samsung Galaxy S8, S7, S6, Note 5 and replace the old Galaxy S5, S4, S3, Note 4,etc.When you have bought a new Galaxy,the first thing you want to do is transferring contacts from Samsung Galaxy to new Galaxy.However,how to transfer contacts from Samsung Galaxy S4/S3/S5/Note to new Galaxy S8/S7/Note 5? This article maily teach you a easy way to copy contacts between two Samsung phones directly.
transfer contacts from samsung to new samsung galaxy s6/s5

When you buy a new Samsung Galaxy mobile phone,the first thing you need to do is copy all the contacts and other contact information from your old Galaxy phone to the new Samsung phone. I first realize the inconvenience of transferring contacts between two Samsung Galaxy in one click when I used the Phone to Phone Transfer running on the computer.

With the help of Phone Transfer, you can copy all contacts between your two Samsung phones in 1 click. What's more, this phone transfer tool can help you move more contents from one Galaxy to new Samsung Galaxy, such as apps, text messages, WhatsApp chat history, call logs, music, photos, videos and calendar,ect. If you use a old iPhone before,you can read this use guide about how to transfer data from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy with the help of this Phone Transfer tool.

Press the green button to Download and install the Phone Transfer on your Windows PC or Mac OS Computer.

Download Win Download Mac

Let’s taking switch contacts from Galaxy S5 to S8/S7 for example.

How to Switch Contacts from Galaxy S5 to Galaxy S8/S7

There are mainly 3 steps for the process of the contacts&app transferring from old Samsung Galaxy S2, S3, S4, S5 to new Samsung Galaxy S8. If you have already downloaded the Phone Transfer from the link above, please read the following tutorial carefully and operate it steps by step.

Step 1: Run Phone Transfer on PC or Mac
When you run Phone Transfer on your computer, it will bring up the primary window on the screen.

samsung to samsung contacts transfer
Step 2: Link both Old S5 and New S8 or S7 with PC
You need to plug in USB cables to get your Samsung Galaxy S5 and Galaxy S8/S7 both connected to your computer. After they are recognized by the application automatically, the control panel will be shown as below.

It can be seen that Samsung Galaxy S5 is displayed on the left as Source device, and the target phone Galaxy S8 is on the right. If you put them in the wrong places, do not worry, just click Flip between them to correct the misdirection.

switch contacts samsung to samsung
Step 3: Move Contacts from Samsung Galaxy S5 to Samsung Galaxy S8/S7
According to the screenshot below, you can select SMS text messages, contacts, music, photos, videos, call history as well as apps from the given option to transfer from old Galaxy to new Galaxy. If what you want to move is only apps at this time, do remember uncheck the other files you do not need and only remain apps.

Click "Start Copy" to bring up the files & apps transfer from Sumsung Galaxy S5 to Galaxy S8. The whole process is pretty quick and time-saving, but the volume of the apps to copy still decides the time it will take. It means that the more apps and memory they have, the longer time it will spend during the transfer process. Vise versa. Once the process is complete, you need to click OK to end the program.

Transfer contacts from galaxy to galaxy s7,s8
What a handy data & apps transfer process from Samsung Galaxy S2, S3, S4 to new Galaxy S8/S7//Note 5. In fact, Phone Transfer is more versatile than you thought, it as well as supports to convert data whatever data between Nokia Symbian, Android phone, iOS device and more phone models.

Why you still hesitate? In order to not miss this, download from the link right now.

Download Win Download Mac

There are more related articles waiting for your check, and please contact us from the email without hesitation if you have any question or doubt about our products.

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