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Hello, my name is Christine, and actually, I am a seniority on the android and ios data recovery. Circle and text me if you have any problem about your phones or tablets.
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Android Phone System Universal Recovery Mode Card Brush

publinshed by
Chirstal at
October 27,2015

Rooting Android Mobile are usually two ways: Cards brush and Root, and today we introduce Samsung the more universal approach is card brush, "card brush" or called "recovery mode Brush". Forum on "card brush" Brush tutorial is fewer on the market, most of them are appear in the process of brush a specific ROM. You may think that "card brush" is relatively simple and does not deserve to write a special tutorial.In fact, it is still necessary for the novice, write a detailed tutorial for your reference.

How to Brush Android Smartphone?

"Card brush" or recovery mode Brush:

Tips: Before brush your Android smartphone,you must to backup your Android data,in order to avoid data lost.

With cwm (CMod) be installed on mobile phone update to brush machine in Recovery mode. Brush Pack for a single signature zip archive. ) (Some recovery mode has a signature model in advanced = "Select the Brush Pack, etc., a part of the recovery interface options below install SD card. But there are also advanced mode recovery inside. This one and signature mode is mainly for developers Brush package and homemade Brush package. The beginners can pass it!)

There is a script in the brush machine package, there are a series of commands requiring good copy of the file to specify a different partition of the phone, so as to achieve the purpose of Brush your phone. Generally considered relatively safe card brush, brush involve only a single file, suitable for beginners to Brush. ROM publisher usually publish ROM patch to upgrade ROM. Therefore, it is necessary to master the method of card brush, so you can update and enjoy the new features of ROM. At the same time, card brush and wire brush complementary with the technology.

Card brush in the following situations:

1) The phone can enter Recovery Mode
2) Of course, your package is zip cards brush package

Card brush can be used to brush your phone in the following situation:

1) Brush the complete ROM
2) Brush ROM patch or upgrade package
3) Brush kernel or the baseband
4) Brush special content

For convenience, the following passages is going to referred the above content to brush collectively to "Brush package." The following we will make the example that brush finished Version 2.3.4 XXJVP example to describe the process of Brush and steps. Brush Pack file named "JVP2.3.4_SunnyOK_CN-2.zip".
Brush steps:

1.Brush package copied to the phone SD card.

2. Put your phone into Recovery mode.

There are several ways to enter Recovery Mode :( Note: Android system enters recovery mode is related the mobile phone, part of the phone are related to there is no recovery mode and simple recovery mode installation so the way to opened is differently , you can’t consider that recovery is a common pattern on all the Android phones. If you are a beginner you do not need to try!)

1) Shut down, press the "Volume + down" and "power switch", the screen lit release the button, enter the "recovery mode."
2) Into Recovery mode other methods, such as adb.

3. Brush
1) In to Recovery Mode
2) Use the volume up and down keys to select "install zip from SD card, then press the power button to confirm.
3) Use the volume up and down keys to select "choose zip from SD card, then press the power button to confirm.
4) Use the volume up and down keys to select "JVP2.3.4_SunnyOK_CN-2.zip (the brush  package is which you need ), and then press the power button to confirm.
5) Use the volume up and down keys to select "Yes - Install JVP2.3.4_SunnyOK_CN-2.zip" to confirm the brush this file, then press the power button to confirm.
6) Go to the next screen. Brush began. You will see the progress information of brush and a progress bar. ". Install from SD card complete", to tell you: from the SD card installed is finished.
7) The following information appears in the upper half of the screen. This second interface is the same as the front. Now we want to select "+++++ Go Back +++++" return to the previous (first) Recovery interface. Press the power button to confirm. Select "wipe data / factory reset" with the volume up and down keys to clear user data, press the power button to confirm. Select "wipe cache partition" with the volume up and down keys to clear the cache partition data, press the power button to confirm (or more is often said that the double-W)
8) Finally, use the volume up and down keys to select "reboot system now" to restart the phone.
9) Card Brush completely finished.

1)Back up your data before brush your phone, charged the battery.
2) Regard to wipe clear previous user data and cache data:
a) If brush ROM, is recommended to brush and double wipe.
b) If it is a special brush patch, you do not need to wipe after brush.
c) If brush upgrade package, usually need to wipe.
d) If brush kernel or baseband, do not need to wipe.
3) Sometimes your can’t open your phone after brushing, you can try to double Wipe clear previous user data and cache data. Many strange phenomena related to not wipe after brushing.
4) Some upgrade package gives file called: update.zip. You can choose in the first screen "apply update from SD card" and then you can brush your phone.

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