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Erase Phone Data and Cache Thoroughly

publinshed by
sophia L yad at
March 10,2015

If you want to speed up your mobile phone,you can wipe data and cache on your phone(iPhone or android phone) thoroughly,this use guide teach you a easy way to wipe useless data and app caches on your phone permanently and speed up your phone.In additional,if you use iOS iPhone,you can follows this use guide to speed up iPhone by removing caches.

Tips: To protect your phone data being stolen after selling, you should erase all phone data before selling your old phone into the second-hand market.Today, we will show you a ways to delete data and cache from your phone easily.

Phone Data Transfer is an outstanding data transferring tool for phone users. You not only can use this phone to phone transfer to copy any data between iPhone, Android, Symbian and BlackBerry,but also allowes your to wipe phone data and cache permanentnly without restored with it.

phone to phone transfer    phone transfer for mac
How to Wipe Phone Data and Cache with Phone Transfer

Step 1: Install and launch Phone Transfer on Computer

First of all, download and install Phone Transfer on your computer with the buttons below.

Erase Phone Data and Cache Thoroughly
Step 2: Choose “Erase Your Old Phone”

After launching Phone Transfer, you will see four modes listed: “Phone to Phone Transfer” “Restore from Backups” “Back up Your Phone” “Erase Your Old Phone”. To try “Erase Your Old Phone”, you can protect your personal data with the professional data destroyer.

Erase Phone Data Permanently

Step 3:Connect Your Phone to the Computer

After connecting your smart phone to the computer, the program will detect your phone and erase all existed data on the phone and deeply search and erase deleted data that still stays in your phone’s memory. After that, you can sell, recycle or donate your phone without worrying data leaking.

erase and cache data on iPhone

That’s it. After erasing data and wiping cache partition, you can move on to do whatever you want. To repeat once again, you'd better backup Android data to computer like contacts, SMS, and other previous data before performing wiping data. If, unfortunately, you lose your phone data while wiping, you can use Android Phone Data Recovery or iPhone Data Recovery (if you use iOS device) to restore these important data back and store them on your computer with easy steps.

phone to phone transfer    phone transfer for mac
Tips: If you have buy a new phone,you can use this powerful phone to phone transfer to transfer contacts, text messages, photos, videos from old phone to new phone directly.