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How to Delete Photos/Videos from iPhone before Selling

publinshed by
sophia L yad at
March 13,2015

Want to sell the old iPhone 4/4s/5/5s/6 and want to buy a newer phone like iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPhone 6S/6S Plus, Samsung Galaxy S7/S6 edge?You must to erase pictures, photo library, videos from your iPhone permanently before selling or give it away. In additional,when your iPhone to store a lot of photos, but take up a lot of memory space and your iPhone running slowly due to lack of memory, the easiest way is to batch delete iPhone photos, in order to free up more memory space.This article mainly teach you a easy way to delete some or all of the photos in your iPhone's photo library permanently without restore.

Before wiping iPhone photos with 3rd part iOS Data Eraser,you may need to backup iPhone photos

Many people use iPhone to taking photos,however, a large number of photos stored in the phone,for mobile phone users,these photos is very precious for us. Before erase photos on iPhone with this iPhone data eraser software,we must to backup iPhone photos at first,because once delete photos from iPhone with this professional iOS Data Eraser,we can get them back forever.
To backup iPhone photos to computer or Mac in the easy way,here we recommend you use this iPhone Data Manager software,which allows you transfer photos between iPhone and computer,you can also copy all data between iPhone and iPad ,iPod directly.

Why we need to use 3rd iPhone Data Eraser to Erase iPhone photos?

There are some users delete data by restore factory Settings, such as simple, in fact, these simple delete is not enough, because some professional data recovery software can restore these deleted photos easily.so,how to delete pictures from iPhone without restore?

erase iPhone pictures witout restore

Here, I want to introduce a professional iPhone Photo Eraser app - iPhone Data Eraser software, which can delete all photos on iPhone without restore,it also allows you erase other data from iPhone permanently, such as contacts, text messages, videos, apps, the account info, passwords, emails,ect. Let’s teach you how to erase photos from iPhone permanently without any chance to recover those erased data back.

delete iphone photo    mac iphone data eraser

How to Delete Photos/Videos from iPhone Before Selling

Step 1. Connect iPhone to PC and Run the iPhone Data Eraser
Install and open the software first. The first time you connect the phone to PC, "Trust" on the iPhone screen should be tapped. You should now choose "Erase Private Data" on the left.

Erase iPhone photos on Mac Without Restore

Delete Photos from iPhone before Selling

Step 2. Scan the to-be-erased Data and Choose Them
Click "Start Scan". Wait until it is finished. It should not be long. And then you will see this interface which has all the detected items in the list. Tick the one that you want.

wipe iPhone photos

Note: Before erasing data,you can can preview all items,including photos, videos, contacts, text messages.If you only want to delete iPhone photos,please select the “Photos” item.

delete iPhone pictures

Step 3. Start to Erase All iPhone Photos/Videos by One Click
Click "Erase Now" to begin this step and tap "Done" to end it. The process cost you around 20 minutes.

delete iPhone photos

Free download the ios data eraser to wipe iPhone photos permanently:

delete iphone photo    mac iphone data eraser
What’s More about iOS Data Eraser:

iOS Data Eraser is useful data eraser tool for iPhone users to perform a permanent data erasing on iPhone.In additional,if you ios devices,you can use this ios data eraser software to Wipe Junk Files from iPhone iPad,and speed up the ios devices.

If you decide to sell your old iPhone, you must make sure if all the data you stored on the old iPhone has been erased permanently,even data recovery in market can get them back. You wouldn't want to let a stranger know you text messages, contacts, photos, videos, account info, password and other personal stuff, right? Next,learn more key features about this ios data eraser:

* Erase all data from iPhone, including text messages, contacts, videos, photos, account info, password, etc;
* 3 levels of data erasing for your choice and your can choose to overwrite the existing data with random files.
* Works with all iPhone, iPad and iPod series, including Jailbroken iPhone and carrier-locked iPhone.
* Protect your personal information by removing it permanently and preventing them from being recoverable.