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How to Erase iPhone Data without Restore

publinshed by
Lily Jone at
March 18,2015

Many people want to sell their old iPhone and purchase a new iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus,but most of people worry about their private information would be revealed and stolen by other unknown people. Therefore, some iPhone users may think that we restore the iPhone to the factory default settings and feel safe, but all iPhone data can not be erased after the factory setting restoring, ostensibly,all the data are gone and we can't see any data on the iPhone. However, Apple doesn't completely delete your iPhone data , which means it can be easy to access the deleted files on your iPhone.

Erase iPhone Files without Restore

Erase All Files on iPhone Permanently Without Restore

When you plan to sell your phone, you never know who will get it and what he/she will do with it. Actually, it is of vital importance for protecting your privacy to delete all your information completely and permanently. Since restoring the device to factory settings is useless, why not use this professional iPhone Data Eraser software. With it, you can delete contacts, message, photo,phone numbers, user names, passwords, emails and many more from iPhone 6/5S/5C/5/4S/4 permanently without recovery,even some professional data recovery software in market.

Below is the detailed guide showing you how to erase everything on iPhone by using iPhone Data Eraser:

delete iphone photo    mac iphone data eraser

How to Delete iPhone Data Without Recovery?

STEP1: Run the iPhone Data Eraser tool on your computer

Download the .exe file from below download link and double-click the file to begin installation process. There is a built-in wizard guiding you through the entire process. After that, the software will be opened automatically and a shortcut will display on computer desktop.

Erase iPhone Data without Restore

STEP2: Connect iPhone to a PC and Select Right Earsing Option
Plug the iPhone to computer via USB cable. The program will detect the device once it was well connected. Then you can proceed to the next step. However, if the program can’t detect the device, please make sure iPhone USB driver and iTunes are installed properly on the computer.

Note: The program offers 4 erasing option for your different demands: "EXPRESS CLEANUP", "ERASE PRIVATE Data", "ERASE DELETED FILES" and "ERASE ALL DATA". You can select the appropriate option and give it a try. As we want to erase everything stored on the iPhone, so the first method is preferred in this case. Select Erase All Data from the sidebar, which leads to the next step.

Delete iPhone Data without Restore

STEP3: Start Analyzing and Scanning the Data on Your iPhone.
In this step, it will automatically analyze and scan all your deleted files in your iPhone device; generally it takes few minutes to complete the process depending on the file. After scanning – select the deleted data to view detailed information on the file.

Wipe iPhone Data without Restore

STEP4: Browse and Select the Data You Want to Wipe
After scanning, all deleted data will be scanned out and presented as details, by default, all files will be selected. Unselect the files you wish to keep.

Delete Everything on iPhone Permanently

STEP5: Start Erasing Everything on iPhone Permanently
Input 'delete ' and click Start Button to confirm that you are going to erase all the data on the iPhone. Then the program starts erasing apps, music, videos, photo, contacts, SMS and other files stored on the device. It only takes a few minutes to complete the task.

Free download the iPhone data eraser software and have a try:

delete iphone photo    mac iphone data eraser
Tips: Before selling your old iPhone,please remember delete all contacts, text messages and other personal information on iPhone permanently. This iPhone Data Eraser software for Windows or Mac, which can permanently erase all your iMessage, Text Messages, MMS data and attachments without any recovery. Just click below tutorial to find out how to permanently delete contacts on your iPhone by iPhone data eraser software.