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How to Backup & Reset Your Galaxy Note 7 before Recall

publinshed by
Steven at
August, 30th,2016

Now the Samsung company have recall the issued Galaxy Note for it’s battery explosion,now users can exchange the current Galaxy Note7 device with a new Galaxy Note7s as approved by the CPSC available no later than September 21, 2016; exchange your current Galaxy Note7 for a Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 edge;or contact your point of purchase to obtain a refund,and get a $25 gift card, in-store credit, in-store accessory credit or bill credit from select carrier retail outlets.This shows the Samsung take active measures to recall all Galaxy Note 7 smartphones sold.If you want to recall your issued Samsung Galaxy Note7 for new Galaxy S7,S7 Edge or Note 7s,you must to backup and save all data from Note 7 to computer,then reset and erase all data from Note 7 permanently.

It’s necessary to backup and save everything off of your Galaxy Note 7, then reset and erase all data so you’re ready for the Galaxy Note 7 recall.Here,I teach you how to backup your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to computer,and how to erase data from Note 7 permanently before recalling it.

Android Data Backup & Restore can help you backup everything from Galaxy Note 7 to computer, including calendar, call history, gallery, video, messages, contacts, audio, applications and even application data (for rooted devices). You can also preview and selectively export any type of data you want. The Android Data Backup & Restore also allows you to easily restore the data to your new phone from backups whenever you need to.However,if you have get a new Galaxy S7,S7 Edge or other Android phone,like HTC, Samsung,LG,Motorola,ect.You also can use this program to selectively restore backed up content to Galaxy S7 directly.

Download Win Download Mac

What to do before recalling your issued Galaxy Note 7?

    Part 1:Backup Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to Computer before Recall

    Part 2:Selectively Restore Backed up Content to New Phone

    Part 3: Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy Note 7 for Recall

    Part 4: Permanently Erase Everything on Galaxy Note 7 before Recall


Part 1:Backup Data from Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to Computer before returning it for recall

Step 1. Connect your Galaxy Note 7 to Computer
Launch Android Data Recovery and from the "More Tools" section, select "Android Data Backup & Restore". Then connect the Android device to your computer using USB cables. Dr Fone will detect the device.

Backup Restore Samsung Note 7 Connect

Note: If you have any other Android management software on your computer, ensure none of them is running.

backup and restore galaxy note 7 data

Tips: If you have used this program to back up your device in the past, you can view your past backup by clicking on "View backup history".

Step 2. Select File Types to Backup from Samsung Galaxy Note 7
Once Android Data Backup & Restore program has detected your device, click on "Backup" to select the data you want to include in the backup.Android Data Backup & Restore software can be used to back up 9 different file types including messages, call history, calendar, gallery, audio, video, Applications and Application data. Please note that to backup app data requires your Android device to be rooted.

backup Samsung data to computer

Step 3.Backup All Data from Galaxy Note 7 to Computer
After you have selected the file types which you want to backup, click the button "Backup" to start the process. The entire process will take no more than a few minutes depending on the data on your Android device.

Backup Restore Backup Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Complete

Step 4.View Your Galaxy Note 7 Backed Up Contents on Computer
When the backup is complete, you can click on "View the backup" on the lower left corner of the window to see the contents of the backup file.

back up android to computer

Part 2:Selectively Restore Backed up Content to New Galaxy S7/S6/Note 7,ect.

When you have got a new phone,like Galaxy S7,S6,Note 7s,HuaWei P9/P8, Nexus 6 or other Android phone,you also can use this Android Data Backup & Restore tool to restore contacts,sms,photos,videos,Apps,call history,WhatsApp messages and documents to new Android phone from backups,that you have make Note 7 backed up before.

Step 1. Run the Android Data Backup & Restore and Connect Android to PC
If you want to restore data from a backup file, click on "Restore" and choose from the older backup file on your computer. These backups can either be of this Android device or any other device.

Android phone data backup and restore

Step 2.Select the Contents Your Want to Restore
Moreover, You can also choose the data you want to restore. Select the different file types on the left and then select the files you want. Click on "Restore" to start.

restore data to Samsung Galaxy S7 from backup

Step 3.Begin Restore Backed Up Contents to Your Phone from Computer
On restoring process,the program will require authorization during the restore process. Allow authorization and then click "OK" to continue.

restore data to Samsung

Step 4.Finish Restore Restore Backed up Data to Your Phone
The whole process should last only a few minutes, Android Data Backup & Restore tool will notify you that the restore process has been completed along with a detailed account of which types of data have been successfully restored and which ones have not.

Complete restore to Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Tips:To avoiding you phone explosion,damages,lost or other unknown unexpected happened,I recommend you make your Samsung backup regularly.If you never backup your Samsung data and it damaged,don’t worry,you can use the Broken Android Data Recovery to extract data from broken Samsung phone,but if your phone is explosion,you can’t get your important data back forever!

Free download the Android Data Backup & Restore

Download Win Download Mac

Part 3: Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy Note 7 for Recall

Erase & Reset Your Galaxy Note 7 before Recall
You must to erase everything on Samsung Galaxy Note 7 before exchanging or returning it for recall,in order to protecting your private data never be stolen after exchanging it,including contacts,sms,photos,videos and other personal Information.

How to Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy Note 7?

There are two ways for you factory reset Galaxy Note 7,go head into Settings > Accounts > Backup & reset > and scroll down to "Factory Data Reset". From here look at the list and at the bottom click “Reset Device”. This will take a few minutes and will erase your Galaxy Note 7.

factory reset samsung galaxy note 7

Way 1.Factory Reset Galaxy Note 7 from Settings

Step 1.Open Settings page on your Note 7.
Step 2.Select Backup and reset under Settings.
Step 3.Select Factory data reset from the list of options,then click “Reset Device”.

Way 2.Hard Reset Galaxy Note 7 from Recovery

Step 1.Switch Off your Galaxy Note 7.
Step 2.Press and hold Home + Power + Volume Up buttons for a few seconds and as soon as you see Galaxy Note 7 logo on-screen, release three buttons altogether.
Step 3.Your Note 7 will show a blue screen with a broken Android in center.
Step 4.Now press Volume UP button once while holding the Power button to show the stock recovery options.
Step 5.Use Volume down button to scroll to Wipe data / Factory reset option, and select it by pressing the Power button.
Step 6.Select Yes to confirm factory reset.
That’s all. Now start fresh with your Note 7 cleaned of all user files and apps.

Note: Factory resetting Galaxy Note 7 will delete all files on the device, including your photos, videos, documents, apps, game progresses and other files. So make sure backup your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 before performing a factory reset.
But factory resetting does not completely erase the data completely,the deleted data is being rewritten and can be recovered by Android Data Recovery in market.
Learn more:Recover Data after Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy

However,how to permanently erase data from Samsung Galaxy Note 7 without restored?Please keep reading below.

Part 4: Permanently Erase Everything on Galaxy Note 7 before Recall

And before you recall, resell, donate or trade in your Galaxy Note 7, you need to wipe out all your personal data beforehand so as to prevent a data leaking problem.

To wipe everything from Galaxy Note 7 permanently & completely,you should use a professional Android Data Eraser tool,which allows you erase existing data,wipe off everything on Android Samsung phone;erase deleted data,erase all deleted data in the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 memory without recovery,including photos, videos, call history, contacts, SMS, Apps and other private data.In additional,the Android Data Erase also can help you cleaning up junk files to take up space and speed up your Samsung Galaxy Note 7/S7/S6/S5.ect.It supports all Android devices ever created, such as Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, Motorola, Windows phone, Google Nexus, ZTE, Huawei and so forth.

Download Data Eraser for Win Download Data Eraser for Mac

Permanently Wipe Your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Data with Android Secure Eraser

Step 1.Run the Android Data Eraser on Computer and Connect Your Note 7 to it
Run the program and connect your Note 7 to PC via the USB cable, and do remember to enable the USB debugging option on your device. When your device has been detected and recognized, you will see the below interface.

Erase Data from Samsung Phone before Selling

Step 2.Click “Erase All Data” Option
Choose “Erase All Data” mode from the main interface, and then enter "delete" on the come-up interface to confirm the action.then click on "Erase Now" button go to next step.

Erase Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Data without restore

Step 3.Begin to Erase Data from Samsung Galaxy Note 7
Now the Android Data Eraser program will start erasing all data on your Note 7 permanently, including pictures,gallery,contacts,SMS apps, videos,personal data and more. It will take a few minutes to finish the process.

Permanently Wipe everything on Note 7

Step 4.Factory Data Reset on Your Note 7
After all data on your Note 7 be erased, the program will ask you perform a Factory Data Reset task on your Galaxy Note 7 manually. Please follow the instruction on the phone as below to wipe all system settings.

delete data from Note7

Free download the iOS & Android Data Erase:

Download Data Eraser for Win Download Data Eraser for Mac

Well done!You have successfully erase all the data and settings on your Galaxy Note 7 as new one,now you can safely to return it for recalling.If your friend confused about the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recall,now you can tell him/her what to do before return or exchange the faulty Note 7:Backup Data and Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy Note 7,then Erase Everything on your Galaxy Note 7 permanently,please reading how to exchange or return your faulty Note 7.

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