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How to Recover Data from Samsung with Broken Screen

publinshed by
Si at
Dec 8th 2015

Summary: When your Samsung Galaxy phone screen is broken with broken/black screen,the fist thing you need to do is finding a galaxy broken screen data recovery go extract important files from your damaged phone.This article teach you two easy Samsung broken screen data recovery solution - retrieve files from Samsung phone with broken screen.

Galaxy Note broken screen data recovery
"My Samsung Galaxy Note 4 slipped from my hand and dropped on the floor yesterday, I tried to save it,but the phone screen is broken and can’t be repaired.Is there any way to get my personal data from the broken Galaxy Note 4?"asked by Lorrie

Galaxy S5 broken screen data recovery
"How can I retrieve data from my broken scren Samsung Galaxy S5? I just smashed my phones screen and i need to retrieve the data from it can you help?" asked by Kim

* Fix Samsung Galaxy Stuck into Black/Blank Screen

* How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy with Broken Screen

There are few things more frustrating than a broken mobile phone screen. The annoyance is magnified, however, when users struggle to get access to the data stored on the mobile with a broken screen. As a result, many Samsung users often ask if it’s possible to recover data from a Samsung mobile with a broken screen.Is it possible to recover data from a broken Samsung phone? The answer is YES.

Recover Data from Samsung Phone with Cracked or Broken Screen

If you want to get data back from a broken Samsung phone there are few things required:
1. A USB cable to connect Samsung to the computer(Tips: You don’t need to USB debugging the device)
2. Computer, Mac or Windows computer
3. Android Broken Data Recovery installed on computer

I would highly recommend you to take it to the Broken Samsung Data Recovery. You can recover files from Samsung Galaxy phone with broken screen,first of all,please connect your Samsung phone to computer via a USB cable,then use a broken Android data recovery to extact data from your broken Samsung phone directly.

    Way 1:Retrieve Lost Files from Samsung with Broken Screen

    Way 2: Recover Data from Galaxy S6/S7 with Broken Screen via SmartSwitch

Broken Android Phone Data Recovery is powerful software to recover the data on a particular smart Samsung phone,even if the phone is broken.Samsung Data Recovery supports you to recover text messages, contacts, photos, video, audio, WhatsApp messages and documents from broken Samsung phones. Not only extract existing data on your broken Galaxy S7/S6/S5/S4, Note 5, Note 4, Note 3, but also recover lost or deleted data from all Android phone directly.

Now,please free download the broken Android data recovery and install it on your computer,then connect your damaged Samsung phone with it,then let's the program download recovery package for your broken Samsung phone and fix your phone,and then access your Samsung data.

Download Win Download Mac

The Android Data Recovery also allows you to directly recover missing files from Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge/S7/S7 Edge, Samsung Galaxy S4,Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note 7/5/4/3, Galaxy A9/A8/A7/A5,or HTC One M8 / M7, LG Nexus 5, Moto X, Google Pixel/XL, Huawei Mate 9/Mate 8/P9, Motorola and so on.

Way 1:How to Recover Files from Samsung with Broken Screen

First of all,please free download the Andriod tool kit on computer and install it on your PC. Launch the program,then you can see the main windows as below,then click "Broken Android Data Extraction"option to recover photos, videos, contacts, SMS and other documents on your Samsung Galaxy S5/S4/S3/Note 4/Note 3 with broken screen.

Step 1: Connect the Samsung Phone to PC/Mac
Connect your broken Samsung phone to computer via USB cable and click “scan it”.

Recover Data from Broken Samsung

Tips: If your Samsung phone is broken/damaged,for example: black screen, white screen, unable to enter the Android system or the touch screen can not be used,please click "Android Data Extraction(Damaged Device)".

If your phone is normal,to recover deleted data fron Samsung phone with this Android Data Recovery,please learn this use guide: How to Recover Deleted Data from Samsung

Step 2: Select the Type of Files you Want to Get Back
In this step,the program guide to you select the type of files before scan it. If you only want to get contacts, SMS and photos back from your broken Samsung phone,please check “Contacts” and “Messaging” and “Gallery” options,then click on “Next” to continue.

Select Data Type from Broken Phone

Step 3: Select your Samsung phone Fault Type
Before reocver data from borken phone,then you need to know why you can’t access the phone.In this step,a new window will appear asking what type of fault for your Samsung phone? If Samsung phone’s screen is broken or cracked, please choose “Touch cannot be used or cannot enter the system”; If the your Samsung phone stuck on black screen, white screen or the screen is broken,please choose the Right options.

Select your broken phone Fault Type

Step 4: Select the model of the broken Samsung device
The program will pop up a new windows for you the select the broken device model. If you don’t know your device’s model, click on “How to Confirm the device model” to get help.

recover deleted files from broken samsung

Step 5: Enter the Download Mode
In this step,the program will instruct you how to enter your specific device into “Download Mode.” Just follow the simple steps on the next window. Once the device is in “Download Mode” connect it to your PC using USB cables.

Download Mode for black Samsung

Step 6: Begin to Analysis your Samsung device and Downloading the “Recovery Package”
The Android Data Recovery program will begin an analysis of your Samsung device and downloading the recovery package for the device.

scan data from broken Samsung

Tips: This process will take you some time, please be patient and keep connecting your Samsung phone to the computer.

Step 7: Scan and Recover Photos, Videos, SMS, Contacts from your Broken Samsung Phone’s internal memory
Once the recovery package has been successfully downloaded, the program begin to scan all type of files that stored on your broken Samsung device,including contacts, text messages, photos, videos, call logs, Whatsapp messages, music and other Android documents.

scan data from samsung with broken screen

Step 8: Preview and Recover Lost Data from Samsung Galaxy with Broken Screen
You need to wait for a little long time untile the scan completes. Then you can preview all type of files found on your broken Samsung phone one by one,suc as contacts, SMS, photos, videos, call logs and more.If you want to get existing, lost or deleted data from broken Samsung phone at the same time,please select “All” options,and click “Recover” button to begin restore all data from your broken Samsung device.

Restore Lost Contacts from Samsung Galaxy with Broken Screen

If you want to recover existing contacts from broken Samsung Galaxy phone,please click "Contacts" item and preview them before recovery,then select those you want and recover them selectively by clicking "Recover" button.If you want to recover lost or deleted contacts on your Samsung phone,when the black screen phone is fixed and turn to normal,please switch the first recovery mode "Data Recovery" to scan and recover lost contacts from Samsung Galaxy smartphone directly.

recover contacts from Samsung with broken/black screen

Recover Text Messages from Samsung with Broken Screen

Select the "Messages" item and preview the SMS you’d like to recover, make them down and then click "Recover" button to extract the text messages you want from broken Samsung phone,and then save them on your computer.

recover SMS from Samsung Galaxy with broken screen


Retrieve Photos from Samsung with Broken Screen

After the scan is complete,the program shows all files recoverable photos from the broken phone,please select "Gallery" item to preview them one by one and mark down those you need. Finally, click "Recover" to save pictures on your computer.You can also recover videos, audio and other media files from your broken phone.

recover pictures on Samsung Galaxy with broken screen

Recover Deleted Documents from Broken Samsung Galaxy

If you want to extract documents data from Samsung Galaxy with broken screen,please select "Documents" item and preview all the recoverable documents one by one and then you can select out those you want quickly,and then click "Recover" button to get the selected documents back and save them on computer.

When your bricked Samsung phone ( with black/blank/white screen) has been fixed according to the previous steven steps,since your phone is normal now, you can recover lost data from Samsung phone directly.Plase switch "Data Recovery" mode in the program,then connect Samsung device to the computer > enable USB debugging > scan Samsung for lost data > preview and recover deleted/lost files from Samsung phone.

recover documents on broken Samsung

With the help of this Broken Samsung Data Extraction, you are able to recover contacts, SMS, pictures, call logs, videos and more from broken Samsung galaxy phones and tablets.In additional,please make sure that your broken Samsung phone can be started and detected by your computer, or the program doesn’t work for you.

Download Win Download Mac

Tips:Currently this "Data Extraction(Damaged Device)" function only works for damaged Samsung Galaxy S5/S4/S3, Galaxy Note 4/Note 3/Note 2 and Galaxy Tab series.If you want to extract data back from broken Samsung Galaxy S7/S6/Note 5 or other Samsung phone series,I am sorry,please wait for the software update,or you can follow our facebook account,when the program supports your broken devices,we'll let you know the first time.You can also learn the way 2 to recover data from your broken Galaxy S7/S6/Note 5 with SmartSwitch.

Key Features of Android Data Recovery:


Way 2: Recover Data From Samsung Galaxy S6/S7 with Broken Screen by SmartSwitch

If you bought a new Galaxy S6,S7 or Note 7 recently,you might need to get its screen protector with lock screen and setting protect with Password/PIN/Pattern.Accidentally,if your phone fell out of your hands or trouser bags and dropped it on floor cause phone screen cracked. The first ting you need to do is getting important files back from the broken phone,when you looking for ways to recover data from Galaxy S6/S7/Note 7 broken screen and get a new phone as replacement,you may found the Dr.Fone Broken Android Data Recovery currently it doesn’t support the new Samsung smart phone,like Galaxy S7/S6/Note 7,it only support the old Samsung Galaxy S5/S4/S3/Note 5/4/3,etc.However,how to extract files from broken screen Galaxy S7/S6/Note 7?

I am guessing you have already tried using USB debugging method and KIES to access your broken S7/S6/Note 7, but you can’t access the phone because you have a security code for unlocking and your fingerprint scanner is not working because the phone screen is broken and it can be used.

Samsung Smart Switch for PC Flashing Firmware to Galaxy S7/S6/Note 6 and Backup Data

Even if the above method didn’t work for new Galaxy S7/S6/Note 7.Don’t worry, the Samsung SmartSwitch can help you get all of your data from Broken Galaxy S6/S7/Note 7,before installing new firmware on Samsung smartphones by SmartSwitch, the program will pop up a windows for you backing up Samsung data to computer,however,you still have chance to created data backup from broken Samsung smart phone,even if your Samsung phone is bricked or somehow not working.

Let’s teach you how to use smart switch to perform of Software Update and Initialisation and backup data from broken Galaxy and restore it on a working Galaxy S6/S7/Note 7 or other new Android phone.Let’s taking extract files from broken Galaxy S6/S6 Edge for example.

How to Restore Data from Broken Samsung Galaxy S6

First of all,please download and install Smart Switch on your PC or Mac:

Download Smartswitch for Windows  Download Smartswitch for Mac

Step 1.Connect your Broken Samsung Galaxy S6 to your PC or Mac
After running the Smartswitch program on your computer,then connect the broken Galaxy S6 to computer via a USB cable.

connect broken Samsung S6/S7 to computer

Step 2.Click “Emergency Software Recovery and Initialisation” on Smartswitch
When your broken Galaxy S6 connecting the PC successfully,you can see the main interface as below,the Smartswitch provides some features:Backup, Restore, Outlook Sync,which allows you backup and restore Samsung data.To back up data from broken Samsung Galaxy S6 to computer,you need to click on “More” option,which present on the top right corner of Smart Switch,then click “Emergency Software Recovery and Initialisation” feature as below.

recover data on broken Samsung Galaxy

Step 3.Go to “Software Update and Initialisation”
In this step,the Smart Switch will check the Android version to install on your Galaxy S6 phone.
Tips:The program will warning you that all the data present in your phone will permanently deleted.Don’t worry,before perform of PC Flashing Firmware to Galaxy S6,the Smartswitch ask you create data back at first,

recover data on galaxy S7 with broken screen

Recover Data from Broken Galaxy S6

Step 4.Begin Backup Data from Broken Galaxy S6 to Computer
Last step,please click “Create Backup” button begin to backup all the data present in your broken Samsung Galaxy S6 to your PC.

retrieve data on galaxy s6 with broken screen

Note: The backup of your broken phone is stored in your PC

Restore Backup Data to Galaxy S6 or other Android when it Working

When you have purchased a new mobile phone, or have repaired the broken screen Samsung Galaxy phone,now you can follow this tutorial to restore this backup to your working Galaxy S6 or other Android phone easily.

Step 1.Open Smart Switch and Connect your working Galaxy S6 to your PC
After running the Smart Switch to computer,and then use a USB cable to connect your working Samsung Galaxy S6 to computer,when the connection succeeded,and then click “Restore” button go to next.

Step 2.Select the Broken Phone Backed Up Files and Restore
Then go to “Restore” >> “Change Data to Restore” >> “Select backup data to restore

restore data to broken galaxy s6

Here,you can select the type of files you want to restore to a working Galaxy S6 or Android devices, including photos, videos, contacts, text messages.
Tips:You can restore everything to any Android devices that you have make a backed up from the broken phone.

Step 3.Begin Restore Data to Samsung Android Phone
The last step,please click on “OK” button start restoring get backed up contents to the working Galaxy S6/S7/Note 7 or other Android devices.Only few minutes,the restoring process is complete.

Well done. Now you can have all the data of your Galaxy S6/S7/Note 7 broken screen on a working Samsung phone.In order to avoiding your broken is broken or lost,we strongly recommend you shuld backup your Galaxy S7/S6 to computer regular,if your phone is damaged,you can easily restore data to your phone when it repaired. 

The Android data recovery program allowss you to recover contacts, text messages, photos, videos and whatsapp from Samsung phones or tablets even when your device was broken, damaged or death,and all thosed restored files saved on your computer and keep safety. In additional, if you want to transfer these recovered contacts, sms,photos or other contents to your new Android phone or new iPhone from computer,here we recommend you use this Phone to Phone Transfer, or iOS & Android Manager tool,both not only allows you transfer data between iPhone, Android, Nokia, Blackberry,but also can help you backup phone's data to computer directly,it enable you backup and restore iPhone, Android data,as well.If you have any questions, please contact us in Facebook.

Watch the Video Tutorial,You May Know How Easy to Get Data Back from Broken Samsung Phone


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