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How to Setting Up Gmail on Android Phone or Tablet

publinshed by
Si at
Dec 15th 2015

As you would expect, Google have made it very easy to set up Gmail through an Android phone or tablet. Once if you finish setting up Gmail on your Android phone or tablet,whether you want to send and receive in Gmail, you can send and check your Android anytime.To setup your Gmail on an Android phone, follow these steps.

Step to Setting Up Gmail on Android Phone or Tablet

Solution 1:Set up Android Gmail with Gmail App

Open the Settings menu and go to ‘Accounts & sync settings’ on your device.
The ‘Accounts & sync settings” screen displays your current sync settings and a list of your current accounts.

1)Touch Add account.
2)Touch Google to add your Google Apps account.
3)Touch Sign in when prompted for your Google Account.
4)Enter your full Google Apps email address as your username, and then enter your password.
5)Select which services you’d like to sync.

Solution 2: Set up Android Gmail with Email App

1)Download and install Gmail on your Android phone. Click the Email option on the desktop or the program menu and start the application. Then, click”Others”.

setting up Gmail on your Android phone or tablet

2)Now you will be asked to enter the Gmail address and the password. After that, click “Next” and “Next” again.

how to setting gmail account on android

3) Your account settings have finished completely. Click "Done", then you can enter your Google account as shown below.

gmail setting on android phone

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