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How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy S7/S6 with Broken Screen

publinshed by
Steven at
January 2, 2017

How to Unlock My Galaxy S7 with Broken Screen?

"My Samsung Galaxy S7 fell on the floor, unfortunately, the phone screen is broken, so the touch screen can not be used. What makes me confused is that I have setted a lock screen before,now I can't unlock the Samsung Galaxy S7 with broken screen,how can I unlock the Samsung phone with a broken screen to access contacts, messages and pictures?" -- Asked by mikichen

Samsung Galaxy S7/S6 phone’s touch screen phone broke out can not tap on the screen pattern to unlock the phone;If your Samsung S7 touch screen no response or can not be used,how can you unlock the Samsung S7/S6 with cracked screen?

* How to Recover Missing Photos/Videos from Locked Samsung Phone

* Unlock Android Samsung: SIM Network Unlock Pin

Have your recently smashed your Samsung Galaxy S7 screen? Don’t worry,this article, w'll tell you how to bypass Samsung lock screen pattern, Pin, password and fingerprint after your phone screen cracked. Even your phone screen is too broken to operate, there is still one way to bypass the security protection and unlock broken screen Samsung Galaxy S7/S6 without passcode.

    Part 1: How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy with Broken Screen

    Part 2: How to Recover Data from Samsung Galaxy with Broken/Locked Screen

    Part 3: Unlock Samsung Phone with Broken Screen on Samsung Account

Android Lock Screen Removal is designed to unlock Android phone touch screen with pattern, PIN, password & fingerprints,even your phone’s touch screen is broken or black..You can easily unlock broken screen Samsung Galaxy S7/S6/S5/Note 5 without passcode.What’s more,the Android Tool Kit also can help you recover contacts, text messages, photos, videos, music, and more from Samsung with broken screen,black screen, touch screen no response,etc.The program helps you retrieve data back if your Samsung phone USB debugging fails when enabling, screen cracks, black-screen, dead, water-damaged, , etc.Let’s teach you how easy to remove the broken & lock screen in Samsung S7 without data lossing.

Download Win Download Mac

Part 1: How to Unlock Samsung S7/S7 Edge with Broken Screen

Tips:The program will download recovery package to your device and restore the device,once the package is downloaded, the program can unlock your Samsung phone without having to enter any password, no data loss at all.

First of all,please download the Android Toolkit and follow the easy step-by-step to unlock your Samsung phone with locked & broken screen.

Download Win Download Mac

Step 1. Connect Samsung Galaxy S7 to Computer
First of all,please download and install Android Toolkit program on your computer,and select "Android Lock Screen Removal" feature,the connect your broken screen Samsung S7 to computer via USB cable.

Android Lock Screen Removal

Samsung Lock Screen Removal

Step 2. Enter into Download Mode
Before downloading the recovery package for the device,you need to get your Samsung phone inoto download mode.Follow the instructions on the program to get the Samsung Galaxy S7 into Download Mode.
1)Power off the phone.
2)Press and hold Volume Down + Home button + pPower button at the same time.
3)Press the Volume Up to enter Download Mode.

Enter into Download Mode

Step 3. Download Recovery Package
After you get your device into the download mode,the program begin downloading recovery package and match the phone model after checking the agreements,in this download process,please wait until it's completed.

Download Recovery Package

Step 4. Remove Broken Samsung S7 Locked Screen without Losing Data
Now the program will unlock your Samsung Galaxy S7/S6 with broken screen.Once it done,you can access your Samsung phone without entering any password and view all your contents on the phone with no limits.

Remove broken screen samsung password

You can go to your phone and confirm if your Samsung Galaxy S7 still has a password for the screen lock or not.

Step 5.Recover Data from Samsung Phone with Broken Screen
If you broken or cracked your Samsung phone screen and want to find a way to get data off the broken phone,please switch to “Data Extraction(Damaged Device)” feature,which provides users the best solutions to effectively access and recover your photos, videos, contacts, SMS and other files from Samsung Galaxy S7/S6 with broken screen.How to extract data from a broken screen Samsung phone?

Step 1). Connect your Samsung phone to computer
Step 2). Enter Download Mode and Download Recovery Package on the Samsung phone
Step 3). Scan your Android phone to find the lost data
Step 4). Preview and recover the data from Samsung with broken screen.
Choose the file types you want to get back, and hit "Recover" to recover all the precious data from broken Samsung S7 and save them on computer.

recover photos from locked/broken samsung s7

Free download the Android Toolkit and try to recover data from Samsung phone with broken/locked screen:

Download Win Download Mac

If you want to retrieve data from the broken screen/locked screen phone,you need to use another Android data recovery tool,please learn the tutorial below:

Part 2: Recover Data from Samsung Galaxy S7 with Broken/Locked Screen

The Broken Android Phone Data Recovery not only can help you fix frozen, crashed, black-screen, virus-attack, screen-locked Android phone to normal,but also allows users recover gallerys, text messages, contacts, call history, WhatsApp, photos, etc.from Samsung phone with broken screen, lock screen or black screen.The Broken Android Phone Data Extraction function supported most  broken Samsung devices,such as Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge, Galaxy S6/S6 Edge, S5, S4, Galaxy Note 5, Note 4, Note 3 and Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1.In additional,if your phone is not damaged,you can switch to "Android Data Recovery" mode to scan and recover lost data from any Android phone directly,it works well with the latest Android phones,like Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 Plus, Huawei P10/P9/Mate 9/Mate 8, HTC One M10/M9, Google Pixel, Motorola and more.

Download the the Broken Android Data Recovery and try to extract data from your Samsung phone with broken and locked screen now!

Download Win Download Mac

Go to:How to recover data from Samsung with broken/locked screen

Step 1. Connect your broken Samsung Galaxy S7 to computer

connect broken samsung s7 to computer

Step 2. Select broken screen or locked screen

broken screen or locked screen

Step 3. Choose your phone model - Galaxy S7

samsung s7 model

Step 4. Scanning and recover files from Samsung S7 with broken/locked screen.

extract data from broken screen samsung s7


Part 3: Unlock Samsung Phone with Broken Screen on Samsung Account

Your can Unlock Samsung phone with broken screen using your Samsung Account.

First of all,you need to open Find My Mobile by Samsung and login using your Samsung Account credentials. Just in case you’ve forgot what your email or password was, you can use the Find email address/password option to track it down.

Step 1.set up your Samsung account and log in.
Step 2.Click "Remotely Unlock my Phone or Unlock Screen Remotely" button.
Step 3.Enter new PIN in the first field
Step 4.Click "Remotely Unlock" button at the bottom
Step 5.Within few minutes, it will unlock the screen of your Galaxy S7..

unlock samsung galaxy s7 with broken screen

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