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How to Erase iPhone Data Permanently

publinshed by
Steven Lee at
March 10,2015

Before give or sell your old iPhone,you must to delete all data on iPhone permanently without restored.Why? If you give or sell the old iPhone to another person without deleteing data, ohters may have chances to restore your personal information with a professional tool like iOS Data Recovery. So, how are we going to prevent this? The answer is to overwrite the files that you have already removed. But, I don’t mean doing this manually. This iPhone Data Eraser tool, really helps a lot.
Erase Data on iPhone and iPad Permanently in 3 ways

To erase all contents on your iPhone permanently,you can use a professional iOS Data Eraser software,which writes random data over the old ones so as to permanently delete iPhone data without recovery. It can help you delete contacts, text messages, photos, videos, Apple ID,ect.. it supports include iPhone 6/6 plus/5s/5c/5, iPad, iPod touch 5 and so forth.

Now, the following buttons need to be pressed to continue the process.

delete iphone photo    mac iphone data eraser

iPhone iPad Data Eraser
- 100% Erase Data on your iPhone,iPad Permanenlty
Please remember erase all iPhone data permanently before selling or giveing it away,you must to wipe all data from iPhone and iPad,including messages,contacts, Internet history, Safari cookies, calling history, email caches, and all your private content, so that you need to use a professional ios data eraser to clean up all data.

The key festures of iPhone data eraser:

> Permanently Erase All Data and Settings from iPhone, iPad & iPod touch
> Easily to Deleted Files: Pictures, Videos, Calls, SMS. Making Them Unrecoverable
> Free Up Valuable Space By Cleaning iDevice of Invalid Files, Cache files & More
> Clean up uselss data and Speed Up Your iPhone, iPad and iPod Devices
> Erase Your Private Data in Five Minutes; Overwrite All Data on your iPhone,

Let’s teach you three erase modes to wipe iPhone data permanently with the help of iPhone data eraser:


Tutorial 1: Wipe All Private Data from iPhone Permanently

Under this mode, only personal information will be deleted, which includes Safari Cache, Safari History and so on.Next,let’s take erase iPhone 5 data for example:


Step 1. Plug iPhone 5 in and Launch iPhone Data Eraser

Install and open the software first. The first time you connect the phone to PC, "Trust" on the iPhone screen should be tapped. You should now choose "Erase Private Data" on the left.

wipe iPhone Contents Permanenlty

Erase data on your iPhone

delete all Contents on iPhone Permanenlty

Step 2. Scan the to-be-erased Data and Choose Them

Click "Start Scan". Wait until it is finished. It should not be long. And then you will see this interface which has all the detected items in the list. Tick the one that you want.

erase iPhone private data

Note: Every kinds of file can be previewed.

Step 3. Erase iPhone 5 by One Click

Click "Erase Now" to begin this step and tap "Done" to end it. The process cost you around 20 minutes.

wipe iPhone 6s data

Tutorial 2: Wipe All Deleted Files on iPhone/iPad Without Recovery

These contents can still be restored. So, for the safety of your data, this mode should be applied.

Step 1. Select "Erase Deleted Files" and Scan

The mode will be chosen. When that is done, press "Start Scan" and wait. Then the files are classified. Except photos all can be previewed. Check the categories that you are to erase.

Erase Deleted Files on the iPhone 6s

Delete Private Data from iPhone or iPad

delete iPhone data

Step 2. Erase iPhone Contents Permanenlty Now

Press "Erase Now" and the window will turn. You can see how far it has gone through the process bar. And press "Done" in the end.

wipe iPhone data

Note: Please do not disconnect the phone because it may be damaged.

Tutorial 3: Overwrite All iPhone’s Data

Please do backup files before you do this, because your phone is going to be like factory-new and nothing will left.

Step 1. Confirm Your Will to Wipe the Whole Phone

Choose "Erase All Data" and enter the word "delete". The intuitive interface prevents you from deleting documents carelessly. No need to change security level. Now we can click the blue button, "Erase Now".

delete files on iPhone

Step 2. Wait for the End of the Erasing

In the first run, iPhone Data Eraser will get rid of the apps, music, movies, photos, private data and system settings. And then your iPhone will restart. In the second run, the software will deal with the free space. This will take more time because it actually works through the whole phone. So, be patient or simply get something else to do. And, click "Done" when you come back

erase files from iPhone 6s

Note: The free version will only do the first run to clean the music and the movies in the apps.

If you want to secure your personal info, no a single tool beats iPhone Data Eraser, considering the efficiency and easy steps. Have any opinion? Please contact use.

delete iphone photo    mac iphone data eraser

Tips: The iPhone iPad Data Eraser, which can erase all data including contacts, messages, call history, apps, system setting, photo, video, keyboard cache, safari bookmark. Indeed, iPhone Data Eraser worth trusting and it makes the work more effective. What you need is a windows computer. One single click and data deletion finish.

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